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Keys to the Message: How You Can Understand the Quran in Arabic

Quran Academy is proud to present our latest course with Arabic Teacher, Nihal Khan. Called, “Keys to the Message: 10 keys to begin understanding the Quran in Arabic”. This premium course is specifically designed to help you: Begin to understand the Quran in Arabic, and over time you don’t always have to fully rely on […]

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Ways to rekindle your relationship with the Quran

A familiar voice reached her ears. The sweet sound of Sa’d al Ghamdi reciting Surah Waqiah was echoing from the room next to hers. Hafsa couldn’t help but pause and listen. A bittersweet nostalgia engulfed her. This was one of the Surahs she often listened to in the past years, but now…? Deadlines, commitments, and […]

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A Journey into the Quran through the Arabic Language

Meet Shahana Anjum from New Jersey. Shahana is a mother to three children aged between 15 – 23. She is a housewife after retiring from a 20-year corporate career as a project manager. Three years ago in the fall of 2013, Shahana embarked on a new journey to understand the Quran in Arabic by joining […]

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3 Common Misperceptions Surrounding Learning Quranic Arabic

It is a dream of many Muslims who are not native Arab speakers to be able to understand the book of Allah in its revealed language; Arabic. Yet, many Muslims either struggle to learn the language or believe it’s not possible for them to understand the Quran in Arabic. In this article, we will explore […]

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How to Attain Taqwa – Part I

In Surah Fatiha, we ask Allah to guide us. In surah Baqarah, Allah tells us that the guidance we have been searching for, lays right here, in front of us – the Quran Allah says, “That is the Book about which there is no doubt, guidance for those conscious of Allah (people of taqwa)…” (Chapter […]

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Quran Academy Arabic Course

Is it important for a Muslim to learn Arabic?

The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw) over the period of 23 years. The language of revelation was in Arabic. As Islam spread outside the regions of where Arabic was not the native language, the need for translations of the Quran arose. It is believed that the first translation was during the early 7th […]

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