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Helping the Ummah Reconnect with the Quran Daily

At Quran Academy, we have a vision to integrate the timeless guidance of the Quran back into the daily lives of Muslims. That is why we are dedicated on our mission to create a unique suite of Quran apps that are fun, easy, social, and hence relatable to the common Muslim living in today’s modern world.

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Quran Companion

Quran Apps with a Difference

To bridge the gap between faith and modern lifestyles, we recognise the importance of leveraging the best of technology, learning environments, and modern culture. Thus, we strive to design relatable Quran apps that are fun, easy & social.



We believe that learning is best when it is fun. Our apps integrate proprietary technology based on proven gamification techniques that make learning the Quran fun.


We promise to make it easy to build a daily relationship with the Quran by using the best learning technologies to create a personalised learning environment that easily integrates with your modern lifestyle.


Our apps infuse social functions that connect you to like-minded peers around the world so you can share progress, motivate each other and support each other’s goals.
Quran Companion

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Introducing Quran Companion, the first Quran memorization app that is more than just an audio recitation repeater tool. Join thousands of others from around the world to discover the advantage of Quran Companion’s flexible learning environment and optimal learning technologies at your fingertips.

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