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A Vision & Mission to Help the Ummah Reconnect with the Quran Daily

In today’s increasingly connected world, many Muslims have become disconnected from the Quran. We want to change that.

The Quran is the word of Allah SWT -- a timeless message from our Creator delivered through Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. as a complete guidance for all of mankind.

Yet, for millions of Muslims today whose first language is not Arabic, language can become a barrier. Additionally, during the time the Quran was revealed, oral tradition and poetry craftsmanship was the way of life for the Arabs. Hence, for the Arabs back then, the power and connection with Allah SWT’s divine words and perfect prose was deeply felt and carried into their daily lives.

In today’s modern life, oral tradition and poetry is no longer an everyday way of life. Facing a language barrier and without the same cultural influences, it is not surprising that many Muslims in this modern era struggle to foster a daily connection with the Quran. This becomes very frustrating for the sincere believer who recognises the importance of connecting with the Quran and craves a deeper relationship with Allah SWT through the Quran.

We want to change this and help the Ummah reconnect with the Quran daily.

We are dedicated to developing tailored technology that makes it easy, fun and sociable for Muslims living in today’s modern world to integrate the timeless guidance of the Quran into their daily lives.

About the Founder

Bilal Memon, Quran Hafiz and Business & App Developer

Bilal Memon

Assalamualaikum, my name is Bilal Memon and I am the founder of Quran Academy.

I'm a serial entrepreneur having built both B2B & B2C startups. I have a background working and participating in startup accelerators and venture capital. Alhamdulillah, I've had the opportunity to help grow and scale many startups globally. I love how technology can solve many problems and make life easier in various aspects of life from education to healthcare to financial services, spirituality, and more.

I started Quran Academy because I wanted to combine my skills and passion for technology with my love for the Quran and Allah SWT. Unknown to me at the time, the seeds of starting Quran Academy were planted in 1999.

Believe it or not, it started with a craving for ice cream.

When I was 10 years old, an older cousin studying at a Madrasah in New York kept telling me about how they always get ice cream and have a lot of fun. This inspired me to memorize the Quran because I wanted to have fun (and ice cream)!

After convincing my parents, I transitioned from regular public schooling to the Madrasah to memorize the Quran full-time. When I got there, there was no ice cream and not much fun either. Boarding at the Madrasah, we memorized the Quran practically every waking hour. Even during the weekends when I could go home, I would spend hours reviewing my memorisations.

By the age of 11 living in the heart of New York, I had completed memorising the Quran. I thought I would remember it for life, until I entered the “real world”.

Then, I forgot the Quran.

Over time, my memorization weakened and I forgot the Quran after my first year of college.

Looking back, this wasn’t surprising. The Madrasah of my childhood provided me with no other choice but to memorize the Quran. Simply put, back then I was in an environment where I have to memorize or face the consequences.

However, as an adult thrust into the hustle and bustle of New York, I was no longer held accountable to someone directly, nor was I in an environment dedicated to memorizing and revising. I was now juggling time between family, friends, studies and career in the fast-paced life of New York. My self-discipline and motivation to revise cracked, and I forgot the Quran.

Now, I craved for something entirely different.

I soon felt frustrated to have forgotten the Quran. A big part of me felt missing. I was yearning to reconnect with the word of Allah SWT.

By now as a young adult, I was much wiser to know that I’m not craving ice cream! My heart was craving a deeper relationship with Allah SWT, and I knew that memorizing the Quran will lead me there.

With renewed intentions, I committed to relearning the Quran. This time, I also committed to read various translations of what I was memorizing. Within six months, I had memorized the Quran again only this time with an entirely new level of understanding and connection to Allah SWT. It made me so happy to please Allah SWT in this way, and it was worth more than any amount of material things the modern world tells us we need to be successful.

Did you know my story is really your story too?

In a way, my story is really your story too. Okay, maybe you didn’t go to a Madrasah hoping to get ice cream :P

But I believe the reason you were drawn here is because deep down inside you too are craving for a deeper relationship with the Quran and connection with Allah SWT. However, like many other Muslims caught in the hectic schedules of the modern lifestyle, you struggle to nurture a daily relationship with the Quran.

I want you to know that you can strengthen your relationship with the Quran, no matter how busy you are. I also want you to know that there is no pressure to memorize the entire Quran. What’s the point of memorizing the whole Quran in one year if you’ll just forget it all later, right?

You see, I share with you my personal story to show you that in my struggle of memorizing, forgetting, then pursuing to memorize the Quran again with renewed intentions, I learned a valuable lesson: It’s not about how much or how fast you can memorize. It’s about committing yourself to the journey of spending every day deepening your understanding and relationship with the Quran. And that is the true reward.

That is why I started Quran Academy with a mission to develop fun, easy and social Quran apps that are convenient and accessible in these modern times so that you can easily build a daily relationship with the word of Allah SWT.

I truly hope Quran Academy’s apps will make it easy for you to keep the Quran ever present in your heart and in your life. InshAllah SWT, you too will discover the joy of a renewed relationship with the Quran and a deeper connection with Allah SWT.

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And we have certainly made the Qur'an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?
~ Quran Surah 54, Verse 17
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