To the Muslim who desires to understand the Quran in Arabic…

Discover how you too can learn to understand Quranic Arabic with a simplified 10-key system

Students of all ages — from 8 to 80 years old! — have successfully used this system to learn Quranic Arabic. Learn how you too can begin to understand the Quran in Arabic by just mastering 10 simple keys.

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Assalamualaikum brothers & sisters,

Do you wish to easily understand the Quran in Arabic? Have you ever found yourself envying native-Arabic speakers because they can effortlessly understand the Quran?

What if you no longer had to be on the sidelines envying the “lucky ones” who can understand the language and words that Allah SWT has chosen to communicate to us in?

What if you could:

Begin to understand the Quran in Arabic, and over time you don’t always have to fully rely on translations to understand what you’re reciting;
Stay more focused in your salaah because you understand each word you recite instead of remembering just a vague translation (or not knowing the meaning at all);
Understand what the imam is reciting when you’re in congregational prayer and stay connected in prayer instead of your mind drifting away as you wait for the takbir;
Find it easier to memorize more surahs from the Quran because you have expanded your Quranic vocabulary and have become familiar with the structure of the Arabic language;
Feel a deeper, stronger connection when you make dua from the Quran and Hadiths because you have deeper understanding of the words you’ve memorized?

All this might sound like a faraway dream because perhaps you think learning Arabic is too hard. But what if it’s not as hard as you think?

Let’s break the misconceptions around learning Quranic Arabic

Before you can be ready to understand the Quran in Arabic, let’s break the misconceptions that surround learning Quranic Arabic. Here’s three of the most common misconceptions:

Arabic is Difficult

Arabic is one of the hardest languages to learn

Learn to Speak First

You have to learn how to speak Arabic before you can understand the Quran.

Learn from Native Arab

It is best to learn Arabic from a native Arabic speaker.

Let’s clarify these misconceptions one by one.


Arabic is NOT a hard language to learn

Many people are terrified by the “complexities” of Arabic and grammar, perceiving it as too difficult to learn. But the truth is, there are no “hard” or “easy” languages. Arabic isn’t any harder or easier to learn than Italian or Xhosa or Mandarin.

The only language that is difficult to learn is the language that you don’t want to learn. Your ability to learn a language has nothing to do with if the language is “hard” or “easy”. It also has nothing to do with whether you have a “natural talent” to learn languages. Learning a language simply boils down to your desire and effort.

If you truly desire to understand the Quran, and you are willing to put in the effort, then you can learn Arabic!


You can understand the Quran without knowing how to speak Arabic!

Many people think they need to know how to speak Arabic first before they can understand the Quran. But did you know that Arabic is a language with many different dialects?

An Egyptian speaking Arabic and a Moroccan speaking Arabic actually won’t understand each other well because their dialects are so different! Similarly, the language used in the Quran is very different to spoken dialects. Learning to speak Arabic is thus not a prerequisite you need to master before you are “ready to tackle” Quranic Arabic.

You can dive straight into learning Quranic Arabic without any “foundation” in speaking Arabic!


You don’t have to learn Arabic from a native speaker

This applies to any language, not just Arabic. Learning a language from native speakers can be very helpful when it comes to mastering the right pronunciations or nuances in slangs. But many native speakers don’t know how to teach grammar or teach language acquisition because they have learnt their mother tongue intrinsically.

Often, the best teacher is someone who is trained to teach language acquisition, or someone who has had to learn the language himself or herself — or better yet — someone who falls into both these categories.

So don’t feel like you have to travel to the Middle East to learn Arabic from native speakers. You can learn to understand the Quran in Arabic from home!

What if you could begin understanding the Quran in Arabic by just mastering 10 simple keys??

Now that we’ve cleared the misconceptions surrounding learning Quranic Arabic, let’s cut to the chase.

Today, we want to introduce you to a powerful system that will help you begin to understand the Quran in Arabic. It will open the door to a deeper, transformative relationship with the Quran because you can now understand the beauty and nuances of the Quran in its original language. Best of all, you can learn this system by just mastering 10 simple keys.

This system has been taught successfully to students of all ages, from as young as 8 years old up to 80 years old! As long as you have the desire to understand the Quran and are willing to put in the effort, then you too can learn to understand Quranic Arabic with this efficient learning system.


“Keys to the Message: 10 keys to begin understanding the Quran in Arabic”

In this Live course, you'll:

Learn approximately 400 essential words

We know the Quran is repetitive in nature. By learning these essential words, you’ll have a good foundation to begin understanding the Quran in Arabic as you recite.

Learn the 10 grammatical keys of Arabic to understand the Quran

In addition to building vocabulary, you’ll also get a shortcut to understanding the constructs of a sentence in Arabic to help give you a correct understanding of the sentence and not just a rough translation.

Have a shortcut to begin to understand the Quran on your own in Arabic

This course doesn’t focus on instant language mastery, that’s why it won’t spend weeks going through basic foundational words of conversational Arabic. It instead dives straight into the vocabulary and constructs of Quranic Arabic so you can begin understanding the Quran in Arabic as fast as possible.

Begin to understand basic Hadiths on your own in Arabic

Once you grasp the essentials of understanding Quranic Arabic, you won’t just begin to understand the Quran. You’ll also be able to apply your new skills to understand basic Hadiths in Arabic too!

Have the foundation to go further

This course is designed to show you how by just mastering 10 keys, you can begin to understand more that you ever imagined was possible. You’ll thus have the fastest foundation to take your Arabic studies further if you wish.

Unlock the door to deeper spirituality

Arabic is such a beautiful language with many nuances lost in translation. There is a limit to how much you can understand the Quran through just its translation. By learning to understand the Quran in Arabic, you’ll open new paths of understanding that deepen your connection with Allah SWT.

About Nihal Khan

Nihal Khan

This online workshop will be taught by Nihal Ahmad Khan, our guest teacher at Quran Academy. Nihal is currently a student of Islamic Law and Theology at Nadwatul ‘Ulama in Lucknow, India. He was born and raised in New Jersey and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Business from Montclair State University and a diploma in Arabic from Bayyinah Institute’s Dream Program.

He began memorizing the Quran at Darul Uloom New York and finished at the age of seventeen at the Saut al-Furqan Academy in Teaneck, New Jersey. He went on to lead taraweeh every year since then. Along with his education, Nihal has worked in various capacities in the Muslim community as an assistant Imam, youth director, and a Muslim Chaplain at correctional facilities and social service organizations.

Nihal used to find it hard to learn Arabic, often struggling to understand the way Arabic was conventionally taught. After studying Arabic through several modes including traveling courses, in university, the Bayyinah Dream program, Studio Arabiya, and the Dars al-Nizami curriculum, Nihal discovered a way of learning Arabic that helped him understand the Quran easily.

Based on a number of techniques that helped him learn Arabic, Nihal has applied his learning journey to help others learn Arabic. For the past 5 years, he has successfully taught over 300 students learn Quranic Arabic by distilling concepts that he used to find difficult into basic building blocks that can be easily grasped.

Today, with Quran Academy, he shares the 5 essential mindsets you need to develop to understand the Quran in Arabic, faster and easier than you ever thought was possible.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in the LIVE 10-week course, “Keys to the Message: 10 keys to begin understanding the Quran in Arabic”

Key 1: Introduction & Arabic Parts of Speech

  • Understand the importance of Arabic in a Muslim’s life.
  • History of how Arabic disappeared from the lives of Muslims.
  • Types of words in Arabic
  • 5 simple rules to identify the types of words in Arabic

Key 2: Numbers of a Noun - The ISM

  • Introduction into the the 4 parts of study of the ISM
  • Learn how to identify if an ISM is singular, dual, a sound plural or a broken plural
  • An easy way to quickly identify if an ISM is masculine or feminine
  • A fundamental Number Chart reference cheat sheet

Key 3: Forms of Accents (Part 1)

  • Understand why does an ISM get a fatha, damma or kasra
  • Know how to understand what an ISM is doing, or if something is being done to an ISM, or if the ISM owns something
  • Understand the difference between heavy and light words
  • 1 simple rule that makes an ISM become light

Key 4: Forms of Accents (Part 2)

  • 4 simple rules to identify the Raf’ accent
  • 4 simple rules to identify the Nasb accent
  • 4 simple rules to identify the Jarr accent
  • An easy reference summary to identify the relationship between the three forms of accents
and ending sounds

Key 5: Flexibility

  • Discover the flexibilities of an accent
  • 3 simple rules to identify a ‘Fully Flexible ISM’ (‘the American citizen’)
  • 1 exclusive category that identifies a ‘Non Flexible ISM’ (‘the illegal alien’)
  • 3 simple rules to identify a ‘Partly Flexible ISM’ (‘the student visa’)

Key 6: Gender

  • Understand the significant role of genders in Arabic grammar
  • Learn how to identify ISM that is feminine
  • Learn the 6 categories of a feminine ISM
  • PLUS a hands-on exercise to identify feminine words in an excerpt from the Quran

Key 7: Nominal Sentences

  • Understand what a nominal sentence is and how it is used
  • 1 simple rule to identify a nominal sentence
  • Learn the components of a nominal sentence
  • Learn how to identify the subject and predicate of a nominal sentence

Key 8: Sentence Converters

  • The constructs of how a sentence is connected
  • Learn how to make a word Jarr with sentence converters
  • Learn how to make a word Nasb with sentence converters
  • 11 illustrated examples of sentence conveters

Key 9: Possessive Compounds - The Idafah

  • The qualities the Idafah possess
  • Learn how to identify the Idafah
  • Learn the group of words considered as Idafah constructions
  • Learn the rule of Idafah when dealing with adverbs of time and place

Key 10: Adjectival Compound - Mawsoof Sifah

  • Understand what a mawsoof sifah is in a sentence
  • The two parts of a mawsoof sifah that describes an object
  • The 4 parts to look out for that constitute a mawsoof sifah construction
  • The single important exception of the mawsoof sifah

BONUS Supporting Resources

In addition to these lesson plans, you’ll also get interactive supporting resources to help you apply theory into action. You’ll also get:


Each class will have a classwork component that tests your understanding of the lesson taught. You’ll get to do this classwork LIVE with the instructor and your classmates, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions as you apply what you’ve learned.

Here is a sample of what you’ll get in classwork:

Understanding the concept in English


Each class will have a homework component that reinforces your learning after class. These are also great revision material that helps you retain the information.

Here is a sample of what you’ll get in homework:

Understanding the concept in English

Storytelling Vocabulary Sheets

Memorizing vocabulary words in a rote fashion can be boring at times. That is why this course has been designed with vocabulary sheets created around a story to help you memorize and understand new words in a much easier way.

Here is a sample of what you’ll get in a storytelling vocabulary sheet:

Understanding the concept in English

In the course, you’ll learn approximately 400 essential words to help you begin understanding the Quran in Arabic through these 9 storytelling vocabulary sheets:

  1. Getting to Know Allah
  2. The Hereafter
  3. Creation of Allah
  4. A Smart Muslim Entrepreneur
  5. A Little Bit More About Allah
  6. Where Did We Come From?
  7. Good & Bad
  8. Our Community

Private Facebook Group Support

Enrolled students will also be invited to join a private Facebook Group for ongoing support and motivation during the course period.

3 reasons you’ll love “Keys to the Message: 10 keys to begin understanding the Quran in Arabic”


You’ll get the fastest foundation to begin understanding the Quran

This course is designed to deliver you the bare essentials that will help you to begin understanding the Quran by just mastering 10 keys. This course is also specifically focused Quranic Arabic. It’s not an instant Arabic phrase book that may help you


You’ll learn 10 rules to grasp the essential grammar needed to correctly understand the Quran

To understand the Quran, it’s not enough to simply remember the most common words most often repeated in the Quran. It’s very important to understand the grammar too. Here’s an example to illustrate why. We may know that:

Innama = Only
Yakhsha = Fear
Allah = God
Min = From
Ibaad = Slaves
Ulama = Scholars

Without understanding the grammar of the sentence structure however, we could derive a completely different meaning out of the same words! Such as:

Correct Incorrect
Truly from His slaves, it is the scholars who fear Allah. Truly from His slaves, it is Allah who fears the scholars.
Innama Yakhsha Allaha Min Ibaadihi al Ulama. Innama Yakhsha Allahu Min Ibaadihi al Ulama.
إنما يخشى اللّهٓ من عباده العلماء إنما يخشى اللّهُ من عباده العلماء

What a difference one syllable can make! This is why it is imperative to understand the grammar constructs as well as the vocabulary of the Quran. This course distills 10 simple rules that will help you grasp the essential grammar you need to correctly understand the Quran.


The confidence you’ll unlock to go further will be priceless

Far too many Muslims resign into thinking that they’ll never be able to understand the Quran in Arabic. This course is designed to show you how with just 10 simple keys, you can begin to understand more than you ever imagined possible.

The confidence the course will unlock in you can inspire you to go further — such as having the confidence to learn conversational Arabic to ease your Umrah or Hajj journey, or spurring new motivation to memorize more surahs from the Quran.

Your education investment is risk-free with our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee

It’s important to us that you are satisfied with the class quality and that it meets your needs. If for any reason the live class is not what you expected, then simply email us at within 7 days of the first live class, and we will promptly refund your full purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this LIVE course for?
Anyone who desires to understand the Quran at a deeper level.

What’s the prerequisite of the course?
  • Able to recognize the letters of the Arabic script.
  • Have good command of English; able to learn new concepts in English.
  • Knowing tajweed is helpful but not a necessary skill to study this course.
  • An internet connection.
  • Access to a computer / tablet / smartphone.

When will it start?
The online, live classes are scheduled to begin on 24th January 2017 and will run for 10 weeks.

What is the class schedule like?
There will be 10 keys taught over the duration of 10 weeks. Each class will be 60 - 90 minutes. You will learn one key per week, which gives you time to absorb and practice applying the key you learned before learning the next one.

For each week, there will be 1 live class but we will host it live twice per week to cater to different time zones, so you can pick the time slot that works best for your time zone. Enrolled students will be informed of class schedule via email.

What if I can’t make it for a live class?
If you can’t make it for a live class, you’ll also get the recording of the live session at the end of the week.

Can I join from anywhere?
Yes, as long as you have an internet connection and access to a computer / tablet / smartphone, you can join the online class from anywhere.

How can I make the most of this learning opportunity?
To make the most of these learning opportunity, prep yourself to adopt these 5 essential mindsets:

#1: Don’t think it’s hard.
#2: Realise that understanding Arabic and its nuances is essential for your spiritual growth.
#3: Embrace learning grammar.
#4: Love the language.
#5: Desire to build a relationship with the Quran.

Can sisters participate in this live class?
Sisters are welcome to join this class. The classes are conducted online and you can turn off your video, and so your privacy is ensured.

How much are the enrollment fees?
The fees for the 10-week live course is a one-time payment of $599.

However, if you enroll before 14th January, 2017, you can enjoy the Priority Discount of 33% and access the course for just $399.

If you enroll between 14th - 19th January, 2017, you can enjoy the Earlybird Discount of 17% and access the course for just $499.

After January 19th, 2017, all enrollments will cost the full tuition fee of $599.

Is there a payment plan option?
Yes, please see the order box below for details.

Imagine how your spiritual journey can deepen on the foundation of understanding Arabic in the Quran & Hadiths

If you’re a serious student of the Quran, then you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to understand Quran Arabic.

After all, it is the language that Allah SWT has chosen to speak to us in, making it the literature of our deen. Quranic Arabic doesn’t just represent one of the threads that unites our Ummah, it also represents our personal identity as Muslims.

These are the very words that has made grown men cry; words that moved people to wake up in the middle of the night to secretly listen to its recitation. Its true beauty can never be captured in translation. Its deeper lessons can only be grasped by understanding the nuances of the original language.

Learning to understand the Quran in Arabic is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in this life and the hereafter, Insha’Allah.

All you need to do is have the desire and be willing to put in the effort.

Are you ready?

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Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn and the supporting resources you’ll get when you enroll in “Keys to the Message: 10 keys to begin understanding the Quran in Arabic”

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