'Easy Intro To Quranic Arabic'
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These lessons will be the start of your journey to learning Arabic in a way that will directly impact your relationship with the Quran and your Salah, and ultimately with Allah.

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Gradually build 50+ word Arabic vocabulary!

We know the Quran is repetitive in nature. By learning these essential words, you’ll have a good foundation to begin understanding the Quran in Arabic as you recite.

Establish solid foundations for Arabic morphology & grammar

In addition to building vocabulary, you’ll also get a shortcut to understanding Arabic morphology (Sarf) and grammar (Nahw) to help give you a correct understanding of the language and its rules and intricacies.

Have a shortcut to begin to understand the Quran on your own in Arabic

This mini course doesn’t focus on instant language mastery. It instead dives straight into the vocabulary and constructs of Quranic Arabic so you can begin understanding the Quran in Arabic as fast as possible.

Have the foundation to go further

This course is designed to show you how you can begin to understand more that you ever imagined was possible. You’ll thus have the fastest foundation to take your Quranic Arabic learning further if you wish.

Begin to understand basic Hadiths on your own in Arabic

Once you grasp the essentials of understanding Quranic Arabic, you won’t just begin to understand the Quran. You’ll also be able to apply your new skills to understand basic Hadiths in Arabic too!

Unlock the door to deeper spirituality

Arabic is such a beautiful language with many nuances lost in translation. There is a limit to how much you can understand the Quran through just its translation. By learning to understand the Quran in Arabic, you’ll open new paths of understanding that deepen your connection with Allah SWT.

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Meet Your Instructor

Founder of Quranic Linguistics, World-Renowned For Its Quranic Arabic Curriculum

Ustadh Fahim Qazi

Qazi Fahimuddin has spent over a decade learning with some of the world's leading Islamic scholars in the USA and Syria specializing in Quranic Arabic, Quranic commentary (tafseer), Islamic theology (aqida), Islamic law (fiqh), Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (usul al fiqh), Quranic recitation (tajwid), logic and other Islamic disciplines.

Qazi has lectured in Arabic and Islamic studies throughout the USA and Syria. He has authored the two-volume Easy Introduction to Arabic, the four-volume Quranic Linguistics series series, and the Teacher's Guide to Quranic Linguistics. Qazi has also authored 70 Hadith Every Muslim Child Must Know.

Qazi teaches Quranic Linguistics online, as well as train Arabic teachers. He has developed the rigorous Quranic Linguistics Teacher Certification Process that aims to certify Arabic teachers and establish Arabic teaching standards in the West. His books have been taught privately as well as at educational institutes in the USA, UK, Australia and the Middle East.


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