To the Muslim who desires to memorize more Surahs or aspires to memorize the whole Quran...

Discover How to Overcome the Common Challenges Holding You Back from Achieving Your Quran Memorization Goals


What led Bilal to where he is today at Quran Academy.

How Bilal shares how he memorized the Quran with a method for you to take away.

Discover the true purpose of memorizing the Quran and why it changes your journey.

The different challenges you can encounter in your Quran memorization journey.

What led Qari Mubashir to teach people how to memorize the Quran over a decade ago.

Learn the importance of maintaining memorization through a revision technique.

About the foundations you need in order to memorize effectively in the long run!

A special opportunity to join hundreds of like-minded people memorizing the Quran.


Meet the Two Hafiz Who Will Be Your Mentors

Bilal Memon
CEO of Quran Academy &
Creator of Quran Companion

Bilal Memon is a former financial analyst and Quran Hafiz who studied in a madrasah in New York. Having memorized the Quran by the age of 11, Bilal forgot the Quran when he reached adulthood.

Bilal then left his job as a financial analyst to pursue entrepreneurship and re-memorize the Quran. After achieving his goal in eight months, Bilal created Quran Academy and the Quran memorization app, ‘Quran Companion’, to help busy Muslims memorize the Quran.

Bilal realized that Quran memorization is a lifelong journey and is not a one-size fits all model. In other words, some techniques that work great for others don’t necessarily work for everybody. Everybody’s goal should be to find the best memorization strategies that work best for them and then double down on them.

Qāri Mubashir Anwar
Chief Product Officer of Quran Academy &
Founder of How to Memorise the Quran

Qāri Mubashir is a graduate in Law and a student of the Sacred Islamic Sciences known for his recitation of the Qur’ān and Nashids.

He began memorizing the Qur'an when he was around 12 years old, sturuggling down the path to successful completion over several years. He eventually completed memorisation in Cairo, Egypt where he was authorised in recitation and sought advice from many legendary reciters. He has been studying (and continues to study) the Islamic Sciences and teaching for over a decade and has gained Ijaazah with various notable world renowned scholars from Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, Australia and the UK.

Qari Mubashir now teaches Qur'ān, Islamic Sciences and Arabic and is also a best selling author of “The Promise of Ten” and founder at How To Memorise The Quran, The Blessed Hub, The Homeless Hub and other initiatives within the UK. Additionally, he is also the Chief Learning Officer and teacher at Quran Academy.

Reviews of Quran Companion, a Quran memorization app developed by Bilal Memon:
Shaheen Siddique
4 days ago

Quran Companion is THE BEST thing happened to me on fb!!!Best is not the word for my feelings....Alhumdolillah m making progress everyday :) m able to utilize my time in the best way....can memorize even if i have 10 mins free nd thts so coool!! M a homemaker so most of the time i m in car dropping nd piking kids but blessed to have QURAN COMPANION AS MY TREASURE!! ALHUMDOLILLAH ND JAZAKALLAH ALL TEAM

Danial Fahmi Zamberi
May 10

This is indeed one of the most powerful Quran app out there currently in the market.

Salma Saithoon A
October 10,2016

Alhamdulillah, I got the app
Jazakallahu Khairan for the hardwork behind the app. I am really happy and grateful to find this app. May Allah make us people of Quran. Ameen

Mushfiqur Rehman
October 3,2016

Amazing App Alhamdulillah its a much needed app for me.

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