To the Muslim who desires to memorize more Surahs or aspires to memorize the whole Quran...

Discover How to Overcome the Common Challenges Holding You Back from Achieving Your Quran Memorization Goals

This FREE 2-week “Quran Memorization Jumpstart Mini-Course” will help you break the mental barriers holding you back and equip you with an overview on how to memorize the Quran with more ease and joy than you ever thought possible!

The Quran is a miraculous gift given to mankind. Memorizing surahs from the Quran, or memorizing the entire Quran, is one of the noblest goals we as devoted Muslims can strive toward -- for not only do we revive the position of the Quran in our daily lives, we keep Allah's guidance close in our hearts.

If you have previously tried but failed to build a Quran memorization habit and achieve your Quran memorization goals, then you’re in the right place -- because you now have the opportunity to learn how to break through the most common challenges which hold most people back from achieving their Quran memorization goals.

Today, you have the chance to join Quran Academy’s FREE 2-week “Quran Memorization Jumpstart Mini-Course
where InshaAllah you’ll learn:
Video Lesson 1: The Lifelong Journey to Hafiz
  • How to prepare yourself to achieve your Quran memorization goals
  • Understanding what the journey to Hafiz entails
  • The different challenges you can encounter in your Quran memorization journey
Video Lesson 2: Mindset Matters
  • The true purpose of memorizing the Quran (many people misunderstand the purpose, and this is why they struggle to keep up with a consistent memorization habit)
  • 6 most common reasons most people fail to memorize the Quran
  • 3 modern barriers to memorizing the Quran PLUS the mindset solution to all these problems.
Video Lesson 3: Quran Memorization Systems & Structure to Support You Mentally, Physically & Spiritually
  • The source of internal accountability and how this relates to the hadeeth of Jibreel
  • The most important, central question to ask yourself to commit to an internal accountability
  • The ARMED method of external accountability
  • A powerful exercise to shield your motivation from the whispers of shaaytan
  • An effective goal-setting strategy to keep you on track with your Quran memorization goals
Video Lesson 4: Solidify & Retain Your Quran Memorization
  • How to avoid forgetting what you’ve already memorized
  • The most common mistake people make with their Quran memorization (and how you can avoid it)
  • What to do before, during and after memorizing to solidify and retain your Quran memorization
Video Lesson 5: The Next Step in Your Quran Memorization Journey
  • Recap of the most important concepts and strategies
  • Introduction to even more proven tools and strategies to memorize the Quran
  • Explore the next steps to truly make memorizing the Quran part of your daily life.

Meet the Two Hafiz Who Will Be Your Mentors

Bilal Memon
CEO of Quran Academy &
Creator of Quran Companion

Bilal Memon is a former financial analyst and Quran Hafiz who studied in a madrasah in New York. Having memorized the Quran by the age of 11, Bilal forgot the Quran when he reached adulthood.

Bilal then left his job as a financial analyst to pursue entrepreneurship and re-memorize the Quran. After achieving his goal in eight months, Bilal created Quran Academy and the Quran memorization app, ‘Quran Companion’, to help busy Muslims memorize the Quran.

Bilal realized that Quran memorization is a lifelong journey and is not a one-size fits all model. In other words, some techniques that work great for others don’t necessarily work for everybody. Everybody’s goal should be to find the best memorization strategies that work best for them and then double down on them.

Qāri Mubashir Anwar
Chief Product Officer of Quran Academy &
Founder of How to Memorise the Quran

Qāri Mubashir is a graduate in Law and a student of the Sacred Islamic Sciences known for his recitation of the Qur’ān and Nashids.

He began memorizing the Qur'an when he was around 12 years old, sturuggling down the path to successful completion over several years. He eventually completed memorisation in Cairo, Egypt where he was authorised in recitation and sought advice from many legendary reciters. He has been studying (and continues to study) the Islamic Sciences and teaching for over a decade and has gained Ijaazah with various notable world renowned scholars from Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, Australia and the UK.

Qari Mubashir now teaches Qur'ān, Islamic Sciences and Arabic and is also a best selling author of “The Promise of Ten” and founder at How To Memorise The Quran, The Blessed Hub, The Homeless Hub and other initiatives within the UK. Additionally, he is also the Chief Learning Officer and teacher at Quran Academy.

Here is what others have said about the techniques taught in this course:
InshaAllah, by the end of this 2-week mini-course, you’ll know how to overcome common roadblocks such as:
  • The different kinds of external accountability that can support you
  • How to make the most of external accountability systems to raise your internal accountability systems
  • How to develop Quran memorization goals that challenge you but at the same time are realistic
  • The best practices and strategies to stay on track with your Quran memorization goals while managing your responsibilities at home, at work, in your studies, and other areas of your life
  • A time-management trick to create consistent habits while still having time to look after your relationships -- and look after yourself!
  • Using the ‘Ideal Week System’ and ‘Muraqabah & Gratitude System’ to develop long-term habits you can stick to