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The most fun, easy and social way to memorize the Quran while juggling a busy lifestyle in today’s modern world.

Join thousands of others from around the world who have discovered why Quran Companion is the best Quran app to help you memorize the Quran.

Designed to seamlessly fit into even the busiest lifestyle.

Not every Muslim can dedicate full-time study in a school to memorize the Quran -- and now you don’t have to. Built for the everyday Muslim like you, Quran Companion has revolutionary features to help you memorise Quran more effectively, whether you’re a student, a working professional, an entrepreneur, an athlete, a politician, a community worker, a stay-at-home mother or a combination of many things!

With Quran Companion’s super effective memory techniques, fun games and social motivation, you'll be achieving your memorization goals easier, faster and with more enjoyment than you ever thought possible.

What People Have to Say About Our Quran Memorization App

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“Quran memorization is gamified so it’s an enjoyable process for me!”

“Being attached to my smartphone all the time, this is a great tool for revamping my connection with Allah SWT and the Quran. The best part about this process is that Quran memorization is gamified so it is an enjoyable process for me.”

Muhammad Ali Valliani, 24, Pakistan

Shaheen Siddique
4 days ago

Quran Companion is THE BEST thing happened to me on fb!!!Best is not the word for my feelings....Alhumdolillah m making progress everyday :) m able to utilize my time in the best way....can memorize even if i have 10 mins free nd thts so coool!! M a homemaker so most of the time i m in car dropping nd piking kids but blessed to have QURAN COMPANION AS MY TREASURE!! ALHUMDOLILLAH ND JAZAKALLAH ALL TEAM

Danial Fahmi Zamberi
May 10

This is indeed one of the most powerful Quran app out there currently in the market.

Salma Saithoon A
October 10,2016

Alhamdulillah, I got the app
Jazakallahu Khairan for the hardwork behind the app. I am really happy and grateful to find this app. May Allah make us people of Quran. Ameen

Mushfiqur Rehman
October 3,2016

Amazing App Alhamdulillah its a much needed app for me.

Quran Companion is the best Quran App for Memorization with Features that Focus on Memorization Techniques and Gamification
Feature Comparison Quran Companion Muslim Pro iQuran
Uthmani / Madina script display
Urdu script display in 13, 15 or 16 lines per page
Ayah display with translation
Page display
Customizable font
Color-coded tajweed
Selection of translators & transliteration
Selection of reciters
Audio looping of ayah
Audio looping of a range of ayah
Swipe to reveal text of ayah in parts to memorize in chunks
Record your memorization and play back to check for accuracy
Guided Lesson Plan
Group Challenges to memorize the Quran with family, friends or in a public group
Collect Hasanah Points for motivation
Global Daily Hasanah Leaderboard for motivation
Analytics Dashboard that shows progress
Notes Coming Soon!

Summary Features

Uthmani/Madina or Urdu Script
Choose the Quran script that you’re familiar with to ease memorization.
Ayah Display or Page Display
Choose between an ayah display with translation or a beautiful page display.
15 Reciters & 10 Translations
Choose your favorite reciter and translation to customize your learning experience.
Analytics Dashboard
See your progress and celebrate small wins everyday.
Guided Lesson Plans
Break down a surah into manageable daily lesson plans to reach your goal.
Bookmark the last ayah read to easily resume where you left off.
Swipe to Reveal
Slide your finger to reveal the ayah in parts for effective memorization.
Audio Looping
Play an ayah or a selection of ayah on loop for learning by listening.
Personal Challenges
Fun challenges to keep you motivated and on track with your goals.
Group Challenges
Memorize together with family and friends, or join a public challenge.
Collect Hasanah Points
For every letter memorized, you’ll collect 10 Hasanah Points (based on a sahih hadith).
Daily Hasanah Leaderboard
Aim to reach #1 on the global leaderboard by collecting Hasanah Points.

A Flexible Learning Environment to Suit Your Personal Needs

Flexible learning environments enhance learning and retention by meeting individual needs. More than just an audio recitation app, Quran Companion delivers a total flexible learning environment that you can tailor to perfectly meet your learning style and preferences.

Flexible Time & Space

Quran Companion is accessible at the touch of a screen. No need to squeeze in long classes into your schedule, and no need to commute to class. Memorise or revise at any time, and anywhere you have your phone with you. You can even “sneak in” some learning during short pockets of free time such as while commuting, in the supermarket queue, in between meetings, while waiting to pick up the kids, or when traveling.

Flexible Learning Formats

Learning becomes easier and more efficient when delivered in a format that you’re familiar with. In Quran Companion, you can select to memorize with a Madina mushaf 1 or the Urdu mushaf 2. Those who select the Urdu mushaf can further choose to view it as 13, 15 or 16 lines per page. You can also choose from 15 different audio recitations and 10 different translations. Simply choose the Quran format you are familiar with to ease and accelerate your memorization.

1 Common in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Africa
2 Common in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, South Africa

Flexible Guided Lesson Plan

Our guided lesson plan feature gives you daily assignments without you needing to think about how to organise your day-to-day memorization. You can choose exactly what you’d like to memorize and the time frame you aim to achieve it by, and Quran Companion will produce a personalized guided lesson plan to fit your time and stay on track with your goals.

Fun & Easy Learning Techniques

Different people have different learning styles. The technologies of Quran Companion have been designed around various learning techniques and gamification strategies to ensure every individual has something effective for their learning style. The combined learning technologies also provide a multisensory learning experience, which is more optimal for the brain since our experience of the world involves constant multisensory stimulation.

Swipe to Reveal Game

This challenging game makes revision easier, faster and fun! Our unique “swipe to reveal” technology reveals the hidden ayah as your finger slides across it, so you can spot and correct mistakes as you recite from memory. You can even slide back and forth to perfect your memorisation, without worrying that your brain might be “cheating” by seeing what’s coming up ahead. Additionally, this multisensory learning process engages visual, auditory, speech and motor senses that aids in fast and accurate retention.

Audio recitation

If you are an auditory learner, your brain stores information by the way it sounds and you need to hear things, not just see things to learn well. With flexible audio recitation options, you can increase your learning speed and memory retention. Choose from 15 different audio recitations and 10 different translations. You can also put the audio recitation on loop to practice your memorisation.


Listen to your own progress by recording your memorisation. You’ll be able to compare your own recitation with the audio recitations to spot any mistakes and improve on your pronunciations or tajweed.

Notes - Coming Soon!

Take notes on anything. Maybe you come across a word or an ayah that interests you. Or maybe you want to mark a word you keep making mistakes on. Or maybe you want to highlight the tajweed on something you often forget to recite. Whatever you want to write, you can. And you can go back to these notes whenever you like to accelerate your progress and understanding.

Social Motivation & Gamification

A 2013 study, “The Impact of Social Interaction on Student Learning” by the Reading, Foundations, and Technology Department at Missouri State University showed that students experience improved learning when they have daily opportunities to interact with other students. Motivation also improves in a social environment. That’s why we’ve made social features and motivational tools a key element in Quran Companion.

Group Challenges

The righteous companions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. would race to perform good deeds and actions with the intention of pleasing Allah SWT. Keep yourself accountable and stay motivated with healthy challenges through our group challenges feature. Choose up to 25 people to join your group, and race towards the same goal, whether it’s memorizing a new surah or just a few ayahs.

Hasanah Calculator

It is narrated that the Prophet ﷺ‎ said whoever recites a letter from Allah SWT's Book, receives the reward (hasanah) of ten for each letter. Stay motivated and on track with your goals with our Hasanah Calculator that calculates your hasanah points as you progress in your memorization.

Daily Hasanah Leaderboard

The daily hasanah leaderboard lets you see how others are doing to inspire you, as well as motivate you to be on the board and inspire others! Let’s race with each other towards good deeds as Allah SWT has commanded us to do.

Dashboard with Progress Analytics

Stay motivated with an easy overview of your progress at a glance. From the dashboard of Quran Companion, you’ll get a glimpse of number of ayahs memorised in the last week, in the past month, or overall total, how long it took you to memorise a surah, the number of surahs memorised, and when you last reviewed a particular surah.

Personal Challenges

Step up to your goals with the personal challenges feature where you can select a Surah you’d like to memorize or take one of the recommended challenges for you. Choose to take on the challenge with a guided lesson plan, or have it your own way without a guided lesson plan.

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