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A Close Look at Surat al-Fatihah – Part 6

Part 6 – Verse Number 5 of Surah Fatihah Ihdina-s-sirata-l-mustaqim “Guide us to the straight path.” In the previous ayah, we affirmed that we seek help only from Allah. Now, what’s the most crucial help we need? Imagine you’re a Bedouin wandering around in a vast desert, completely lost, and you come across a man […]

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recite quran like a qari

How to Recite the Qur’an like a Qari (reciter)

Have you ever listened to a reciter of the Qur’an and wished that you could learnt how to recite the Qur’an with a good voice? To beautify your voice for the Qur’an in a way that seems reserved for only a select few? Anyone can learn to recite the Qur’an in a beautiful way, and […]

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tips for practical quran memorization

Top 10 Tips for Practical Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization is one of the most honourable activities. When we hear or read about the achievements of people memorizing the Quran at all ages, we are encouraged and the task appears doable. Though the story becomes different when we actually think about it by looking at all 114 surahs and more than 6000 verses, […]

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brain foods for better memory

Become a Quran Pro: 9 Brain Foods for Better Memory

Here are a list of foods that can help you improve your memory for effective Quran memorization. Some of them are mentioned in Hadiths, others are taken from science (the benefits of each food has been proven by science). Dates Dates are a Sunnah food, so it is no surprise that they contain great health […]

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5 Smart Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Quran Learning App

With the modern day technology of mobile phones and apps, you can now reap the benefits in using a Quran Learning App to help you connect with the words of Allah. We spend hours and hours on our phones because the facilities we are offered are becoming endless. From using it for your finances, to […]

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Free Quran Apps: How to Choose the Best App for Your Quran Learning

Technology has revolutionized how we live our lives in today’s society. This shapes our interaction with those around us and also affects societal development. Innovators and creatives have used tech to introduce the Islamic faith to digital technologies. There are now a variety of Quran apps available on digital stores. The Holy Quran is the […]

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