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arabic verb conjugation pronouns

Arabic Conjugation (Verb), Pronouns and the Quran

Note: The reader is assumed to have a basic understanding of Arabic verbs and pronouns. When studying the sciences of Arabic grammar and morphology, we often lose sight of the big picture. We get so immersed into learning the past and present, the active and passive, the singular and plural, that we forget the reason […]

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Sadaqah (Charity) – It’s Meaning, Importance and Rewards

The two most emphasised pillars of Islam are Salah (prayer) and Zakah (obligatory charity). The Quran orders us numerous times to fulfill these two obligations. They are in the legislations of Prophet Muhammad (sa) as well as the previous Prophets. For example, Allah (swt) quotes Prophet Jesus as saying: “And He has made me blessed […]

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quran quotes

Some Quran Quotes Addressing You

Allah (swt) addresses various groups of people in the Quran, either directly or through asking Prophet Muhammad (sa) to say it for Him. One of these groups of people is, all human beings, collectively. The first of these addresses is in Surat al-Baqarah. First, Allah explains about three groups of people – those who are […]

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surah maryam part 4

[Surah Maryam – 4] Duas – Turning the impossible into possible!

In the previous article, we delved into the amazing dua of Zakariyyah (alayhi salam) and learned some tips for supplication. Now, let’s see how Allah (swt) answered his prayer. >>> Understand the Quran in as little as 10 minutes/day. Click here to learn more Zakariyyah (alayhi salam) had made a supplication which seemed impossible according […]

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duas against the evil eye

Duas Against the Evil Eye (Al-‘Ayn)

Many Muslims do their best to believe that the evil eye does not exist. Maybe because on a logical level, believing such may translate to believing that there is something more powerful than Allah (swt). But as the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) has been narrated to have said in a hadith: “The influence of an […]

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istighfar duas

5 Istighfar Duas from the Quran and Sunnah

One of the realities of life for us is that no matter how hard we try, we often fall short and commit sins. The good thing about being a Muslim however, is Allah (swt)’s promise that He will go on forgiving us no matter how many/big our sins are, as long as we pray to […]

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