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the secrets to powerful effective duaa

12 Tips for Powerful & Effective Duá

”وَقَالَ رَبُّكُمُ ادْعُونِي أَسْتَجِبْ لَكُمْ“ “And your Lord says: Call on Me; I will answer.” One of the biggest and most profound blessings we have as Muslims is our immediate access to Dua’ (ie: Prayer to Allah requesting something). Not only is it a critical aspect of worship (‘ibadah), but Dua’ is also one of […]

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a conversation with Allah

A Conversation with Allah

One of the most profound experiences a person can go through is deep, meaningful, impactful conversation with another human being. It can sometimes be life changing. But, the idea of being able to have a conversation with the Creator, with Allah SWT, is a wish that can seem like an impossible dream.  That wish can […]

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how to purify your soul daily as a muslim

How to Purify Your Soul Daily as a Muslim

Every human is a soul within a body. And the same way our body needs healthy, nutritious meals to stay alive, our soul needs purification from time to time so that it can stay true to its purpose on earth. Purification of the soul is a bit like exercise and detox for the body. You […]

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tips for dealing with toxic parents

5 Tips for Dealing with Toxic Parents

One of the least discussed issues among Muslims is the issue of dealing with toxic parents. Maybe because we try to uphold the status of parents in Islam, or maybe because nearly all cultures of the world place a serious importance on respecting parents. Whatever our reasons, we cannot ignore the truth that sometimes, a […]

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duas for shifa

Duas for Shifa

Illness – whether physical, psychological or spiritual – can turn our lives upside down. Suddenly, doing even the ordinary day-to-day activities becomes burdensome and difficult, denting our self esteem and happiness. As Muslims though, we have been blessed beyond measure to receive guidance and help from Allah swt to deal with just about any distress […]

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wipe your sins

7 Daily Actions that Wipe Your Minor Sins

How do you feel after committing a sin? Do you shrug it off, or your heart becomes uneasy and you start to wonder how you can wipe your sins in the sight of Allah (swt)? We all commit sins, but as stated in the Hadith, the best of sinners are those who repent. And our […]

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