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3 Productivity Lessons from the Sahabah

Want to memorise Quran or improve your Tajweed? Book a free Quran breakthrough Call with us to learn more… Click here: It is that time of the Gregorian calendar when people make resolutions to make changes to their lives for the better. Many people want to become healthier, progress in their careers, take up new opportunities, […]

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Fell Off the Hifdh Wagon? Here’s How to Get Back Up

One day, you’re inspired to memorize the Qur’an and you download a Qur’an app or register at your local Madrasah. The next day, you hit a few stumbling blocks on the way and suddenly you’ve not memorized in days and you’re already forgetting the portion that you’ve memorized. The journey of memorizing the Qur’an is […]

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How to Stop Focusing On Other People’s Blessings

You don’t realize it in the beginning. A friend of yours got admitted into the University that you both applied to, and even though you were happy for them, you also felt a twinge of jealousy. That mum on Instagram has so much space in her house that she doesn’t have to always look for […]

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duas for seeking protection

Some Duas from the Quran and Sunnah for Seeking Protection

When Shaytan disobeyed Allah and Allah ordered him out of Paradise, his sole aim in life became to take the children of Adam (as), us, to hellfire along with him. He promised to sit on the Straight Path and come to us from every direction to distract us, delude us, make us forget, make us […]

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