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the prophetic way of dealing with enmity

The Prophetic Way of Dealing With Enmity

We Muslims are currently in an era where we seem to be the object of hatred for many people. We believe this animosity to be misguided, but in deciding on how best to respond, we should look at the way that the holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) dealt with insults in his lifetime. If there was […]

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surah maryam

[Surah Maryam – 1] Are You a Recipient of Allah’s Mercy?

We have obtained an overview of the Surah in our previous article. Now we shall delve deep into the first two verses of Surah Maryam. But before we begin, let’s take the proper security measures and check if our intention belts are fastened tight, lest the robber, Shaitan, does away with our good deeds. Whenever […]

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blessings of surah al baqarah

Virtues and Blessings of Surah al-Baqarah

The second surah of the Quran, the largest in length, revealed over several years in the Madinan life of the Prophet (sa), Surat al-Baqarah is special in many ways. Although all surahs of the Quran are miraculous and of divine origin, the Prophet (sa) singled out some of them and told us of their different […]

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women honored in the quran

Women Honored in the Holy Quran Part 3: Aisha (RA)

Allah (swt) supports the rights of all Muslim women when He defends Aisha (ra) in the Holy Quran. The life of Aisha(ra) shows that Muslim women have a great role in spreading the message of Islam. >>>Are you tired of not feeling a close relationship with the Quran? Click here to strengthen your relationship with […]

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develop relationship with quran

How to Develop a More Meaningful Relationship With the Quran

Sometimes, we wonder how we can develop a strong relationship with the Qur’an. Especially when you see other people who always seem as if they are on a permanent imaan high. Whether you are an Arab who understands the words of the Qur’an, or someone who only reads the translation of the Qur’an, anyone can […]

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prophetic habits to adopt

5 Prophetic Habits to Adopt

When we talk about Prophet Muhammad (saw), there are many names to call him and so many attributes. He was the friend of Allah (swt), the seal of messengers, the noble one and the just one. Scholars in Islam refer to him as the best of mankind and the leader of the sons of Prophet […]

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