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5 Ways To Give Sadaqah Apart from Money

There are many times that you want to give Sadaqah but you don’t have the money. You want to donate to relief or charity organizations but you only have enough to get by yourself till the next paycheck. One mindset that many of us erroneously have is thinking that sadaqah has to be monetary. That […]

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Islamic Parenting Tips From the Sunnah

5 Islamic Parenting Tips From the Sunnah

Many parents, especially Muslims, have the desire to raise their children in line with their faith. As Muslims, the code of conduct of Islam is what guides our daily lives and also what guides us as we raise the next generation. When we are looking to learn from other people’s parenting experiences, it is good […]

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6 Silent Effects of Sinning in Islam

6 Silent Effects of Sinning in Islam

As Muslims, we know the importance of staying away from sins. We know that it racks up bad deeds for us and can get us punished on the Day of Judgment. But with that, because we are created to be fallible, you find yourself still committing some sins every now and then. “Every son of […]

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Anger Management Islamic Perspective

Anger Management: An Islamic Perspective

The human mind is a dynamic labyrinthine of emotions, continually at flow. When Allah ta’ala created humans, He instilled in us the extraordinary ability to feel. As well as this, He has gifted us the necessary tools to properly articulate these feelings in order to achieve favorable outcomes. Along with feelings of love and compassion, […]

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Psychological Wisdom Holy Quran

Psychological Wisdom in the Holy Quran: Part 1

The Holy Quran contains psychological wisdom that promotes our mental health. The Holy Quran encourages us to be optimistic, purposeful, rational, responsible, realistic, patient and compassionate. Part 1 of this article explores the Quran’s psychological wisdom related to optimism, purpose, and rational thinking. Verses That Encourage an Optimistic Attitude The Holy Quran encourages us to […]

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5 Tips To Achieve Khushoo in Salah

Many of us find it difficult to concentrate on Salah these days. Our minds are accustomed to being so busy and we are always on the move to the next thing, such that achieving khushoo (concentration) in Salah becomes difficult. Khushoo is a very important condition of Salah. When you are concentrated on your Salah, […]

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