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Dua For Waking Up

Dua For Waking Up: Your Secret Weapon to Stop Missing Fajr

Waking up for Fajr Salah can be difficult for many of us. For people who sleep late, Fajr comes at a time when they are still deep in sleep and so it’ll be difficult to wake up for Fajr. Even for those who sleep early, sometimes you just want to hit the snooze button instead […]

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The Evils of Backbiting in Islam (and how to stop)

Backbiting is a serious sin in Islam. A sin that, unfortunately, many Muslims have come to normalize in their day to day interactions. We tell other people the wrongdoings of another out of mindless chatter, and we share people’s personal matters in our gatherings. Many people may not be aware that they are falling into […]

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Five Lessons from the Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad SAW

In the year 10 A.H, our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ undertook his farewell pilgrimage to Mecca – this was by far one of the most significant events in history. On the ninth day of Dhull Hijjah, standing on the plains of Arafat, in front of one of the largest gatherings of Muslims at that time, our Prophet ﷺdelivered […]

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5 Qualities to Look for in a Quranic Teacher

Many of us want to learn the Quran, to be able to read it with understanding, and to be able to experience that deeper connection with the words of Allah (ta’ala) that people who understand the Quran have. One of the major problems that we encounter however, is finding a suitable Quranic teacher to guide […]

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Zina In Islam

What is Zina in Islam?

What is zina? When is it said that a person has committed zina? Questions like these have become common as our societies become more liberal and zina is becoming more common practice.  Zina means fornication and adultery, and it is considered a major sin in Islam. Fornication is the sexual intercourse that takes place between two […]

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Nikkah 5 Things To Consider

5 Things a Muslim Should Consider Before a Nikkah

One of life’s milestones that many people look forward to is their nikkah. That time that you are finally able to live with the one you love, and every act that was impermissible before becomes permissible for you both. The Messenger of Allah (‎ﷺ) said: “There is nothing like marriage, for two who love one […]

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