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Virtues of Seeking Knowledge At A Halaqa

There are few places where a Muslim can get beneficial knowledge like a halaqa. It is a gathering for knowledge and understanding of Islam, and a place to improve upon our faith. Halaqa means a religious study circle. It’s the place where scholars of Islam share their knowledge with other Muslims, and the place for […]

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Prophet Ayub (AS) – What You Need To Know

Today, let us look at the life of an incredible Prophet, a prophet who “had it ALL” but started losing things one after the other. How did he manage the difficulties that were piling up on his life? How was his faith- imaan high or low? You see, when we are tested, there are a […]

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Jannatul Firdous

6 Promises of Jannatul Firdous in the Sunnah

Every Muslim looks forward to something the most, and that is attaining Jannatul Firdous. Everything we are currently doing is in the hope of earning the pleasure of Allah (ta’ala) and becoming part of the inhabitants of paradise. There are many ways to earn Jannah, far many than we probably are aware of as humans. […]

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Jibreel (AS) and Muhammad (PBUH)

Jibreel (AS) and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Have you ever wondered how Jibreel (AS) looks? How was his physical appearance? What was his relationship with our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ? Read this article to find out. How does Jibreel (AS) look? The Prophet ﷺ says he saw Jibreel AS in his original form only twice. Jibreel AS had 600 wings, with pearls, […]

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who wrote the quran

Who Wrote The Quran?

Have you ever wondered…         How the Quran was compiled into one single book?         Who was behind this compilation?         Weren’t the verses revealed at different times?         How were these verses clubbed into surahs (chapters) and how were they placed like how they are right now? Well, in this article, we will look at all this and […]

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quran and sunnah about the heart

Some Sayings from the Quran and Sunnah about the Heart (Qalb)

The Heart as a Thinking Organ The heart is not just an emotional organ. In the Quran, it is described as having the capacity to think. “And We have certainly created for Hell many of the jinn and mankind. They have hearts with which they do not understand, they have eyes with which they do […]

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