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stay away from shaytaan

6 Daily Tips to Protect Yourself from Shaytaan

Now that Ramadhan has ended and the Devils have been unchained, one of the top focus of every believer should be how to prevent ourselves from the influence and whispers of Shaytaan. Ever since he was cast out from Jannah for leading Adam and Hauwa (as) astray, Shaytaan has vowed to do all he can […]

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duas for shifa

Duas for Shifa

Illness – whether physical, psychological or spiritual – can turn our lives upside down. Suddenly, doing even the ordinary day-to-day activities becomes burdensome and difficult, denting our self esteem and happiness. As Muslims though, we have been blessed beyond measure to receive guidance and help from Allah swt to deal with just about any distress […]

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how to attain taqwa part 4

How to Attain Taqwa – Part IV

In Part III of this series, we touched upon the signs and blessing of a soft heart. So how does one develop a soft heart? And how is the state of our heart related to Ramadan? Read this article to find out. First, let’s look at practical ways to develop a soft heart – one […]

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How to Attain Taqwa – Part III

Ramadan + taqwa + hearts = are these words interconnected? Yes! Let’s see how! With Ramadan around the corner, most of us are busy trying to figure out how to prepare ourselves for the blessed month that is soon going to knock at our doorsteps. While most of us might have come across several articles […]

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duas for forgiveness

Duas for Forgiveness from the Quran and Sunnah

One of the most important acts of worship in Islam is asking for Allah’s forgiveness. In our daily lives, we commit countless sins by omitting to do what is obligatory upon us, by committing sins, or harming others. Sometimes we do it knowingly, while many times we do it unconsciously. Allah (swt) says about istighfar: […]

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sadaqah and zakah

Sadaqah And Zakah – A Goodly Loan For The Hereafter

Among the most touching purposes of Ramadan is to feel the pain of the poor and needy, by staying away from food and then give them a helping hand by giving them Zakah. Through this month, Allah commands us in different ways to feed and help the poor. The various ways include: Zakah Zakah is […]

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