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Zina In Islam

What is Zina in Islam?

What is zina? When is it said that a person has committed zina? Questions like these have become common as our societies become more liberal and zina is becoming more common practice.  Zina means fornication and adultery, and it is considered a major sin in Islam. Fornication is the sexual intercourse that takes place between two […]

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Nikkah 5 Things To Consider

5 Things a Muslim Should Consider Before a Nikkah

One of life’s milestones that many people look forward to is their nikkah. That time that you are finally able to live with the one you love, and every act that was impermissible before becomes permissible for you both. The Messenger of Allah (‎ﷺ) said: “There is nothing like marriage, for two who love one […]

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Saying JazakAllah Khairan

Saying ‘Jazakallahu Khairan’

Islam is not just a religion. It teaches us much more than that. It teaches us, among other things, the etiquettes of interacting with others. Saying ‘Jazakallahu Khairan’ is one such etiquette. Saying ‘Jazakallahu Khairan’ We say this phrase when someone does something good to us, helps us in some way. Instead of merely saying […]

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Tawba Istighfar

Tawba & Istighfar (Repentance & Forgiveness)

Allah (SWT) created human beings with a weak nature. It’s our duty to seek sincere tawba (repentance) and perform istighfar (forgiveness) as frequently as possible, Insha’Allah. It’s inevitable that we are tempted and fall into sins, and Shaytan is always inciting us towards performing sins. The Prophet (SAW) said, “Every son of Adam commits sin, […]

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Don't Gain The World And Lose Your Soul

Don’t Gain the World And Lose Your Soul

Okay, so how does one gain the world and lose the soul? Does this mean that you are so distracted by the Dunya that you forget to nourish your soul? Does it mean you are too concerned with worldly matters that you forget your Akhirah? Does it mean that you gain all the materialistic goals […]

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Surah Layl

6 Lessons to Learn from Surah Layl

Surah Layl is the 92nd Surah in the Quran and begins with a number of oaths. Allah talks about the people of Taqwa, and what they do to please Him. He (SWT) also talks about specific characteristics of people who fall into Hellfire. So who are those special people who will be saved from Hell? […]

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