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6 Sources of Barakah for a Muslim’s Business

Like a large population of the people of the world, many Muslims run their own businesses. It could be a business focused towards meeting the needs of other Muslims, and it could be a business for the general public. Regardless of the target audience of the business, a Muslim’s business is distinct in the sense […]

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Never Get Tired of Making Duas

Few things affect a person’s faith like making duas without seeing the answer that you want, and at the time that you want it. For many of us, we struggle to articulate our needs to Allah (ta’ala) in the first place. And after making requests to Him, you wait for the response. When the response […]

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3 Benefits of Saying La Illaha Illah Allah

When we say “La Illaha Illa Allah”, we are affirming that there is no god but Allah (ta’ala). Every Muslim believes in this and testifies to it. Maybe your first time saying La illaha illa Allah was when you reverted to Islam, or maybe you grew up saying this every day. Regardless of how we […]

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Stories of the Prophets: A Lesson in Tawheed

“And I have not created man and Jinns except to worship Me.” (Qur’an 54:51) Our foundation as Muslims is built upon the belief in Allah (ta’ala). As this verse points out, the only reason why we are created is to worship Allah (ta’ala). Everything that a Muslim does should be for the pleasure of Allah […]

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How Many Pages is the Qur’an and What Can You Do with It?

Many of us desire to read the Qur’an every day. To make it a part of our lives, connect with it on a personal basis and live by it. But sometimes, people find the Qur’an intimidating. Mostly because they are not proficient in the Arabic language, or because they see the Qur’an as a big […]

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Making Dua for Parents

One of the most difficult but satisfying and rewarding jobs is to be a parent. You have the joy of bringing a new person to life, taking care of them and watching them grow, all the which demands huge sacrifices from you. Parenting is not an easy task. Every parent knows the sacrifices that they […]

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