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Spiritually Detoxifying with Sadaqah

The human soul is in need of detoxification every now and then. As we detoxify our bodies from all the toxins accumulated from unhealthy food and drinks, so also does our mind, and most importantly our deen need detoxification from whatever harmful beliefs that we may have internalized along the way. Spiritual detoxification is a […]

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9 Human Relations Advice in the Holy Quran [Part 2]

Part 2 of this series explores more human relations advice in the Holy Quran. >>> Understand the Quran in as little as 10 minutes/day. Click here to learn more Politeness is Important to Allah (swt): When you are greeted with a greeting, then answer back with a greeting more courteous, or (at least) return the […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Give Sadaqah Jaariyah in Your Lifetime

One of the beautiful things about our deen is the fact that a person may continue to receive rewards for their good deeds after they die. This is what we call sadaqah jaariyah. They are those deeds that still bring us rewards even after our death. For many of us, sadaqah jaariyah is that thing […]

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6 Sources of Barakah for a Muslim’s Business

Like a large population of the people of the world, many Muslims run their own businesses. It could be a business focused towards meeting the needs of other Muslims, and it could be a business for the general public. Regardless of the target audience of the business, a Muslim’s business is distinct in the sense […]

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