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Tajweed Helps You Move Closer to the Quran

How Quranic Tajweed Helps You Move Closer to the Quran

I grew up learning the Quran without tajweed. As a non-Arab who didn’t have access to teachers who teach Quranic tajweed in the real sense, my recitation was filled with every error possible. Pronunciation and spelling mistakes and difficulty in pronouncing Arabic alphabets are just some of the issues that I encountered while reciting the […]

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How Many Pages is the Qur’an and What Can You Do with It?

Many of us desire to read the Qur’an every day. To make it a part of our lives, connect with it on a personal basis and live by it. But sometimes, people find the Qur’an intimidating. Mostly because they are not proficient in the Arabic language, or because they see the Qur’an as a big […]

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How to Effectively Learn Qur’an Online

Many Muslims say that their barrier to learning the Qur’an is that they are unable to find a teacher. Mostly due to the fact that there aren’t many qualified Qur’an teachers where they live. But technology has made everything much easier for us these days, and you will find that you can effectively learn Qur’an […]

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4 Tips To Help Your Child Understand The Quran

4 Tips To Help Your Child Understand The Quran

One of the best decisions we can make for our children as Muslim parents is to help them understand the Quran. To help them start a lifetime journey of getting to know Allah (ta’ala) and worship Him as He has commanded us to do. This is in fact, one of our duties as Muslim parents. […]

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What is Tajweed And Why Is It Important

What is Tajweed & Why Is It Important?

Tajweed has to do with the rules that govern pronunciation when we are reciting the Quran. It covers the guidelines on how Arabic alphabets should be pronounced, places to pause, stop or keep going during recitation, when to elongate the pronunciation of an alphabet, etc. It covers the characteristics of Arabic alphabets and how they […]

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Studying Quran

Virtues of Studying the Quran

The Quran is a Book of Guidance. It is an essential manual that tells us how to live on this earth in the best way and how to be successful in the Hereafter. It is not sufficient to recite it; we need to understand it too. Studying the Quran includes reciting, memorizing, studying its message […]

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