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Scientific Theories That Support Allah’s Existence

Science is defined as knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation. Although some may use science to support disbelief in Allah, science more often supports Allah’s existence. Allah (swt) encourages us to study the world to discover His signs: >>> Understand the Quran in as little […]

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Controlling the Tongue in the Age of Social Media

The internet has allowed the average person talk more than they would normally do in real life. We leave comments on many websites, post our own thoughts and join many conversations online. This makes the issue of controlling our tongue very important. Because when you are conversing with people online, there is the tendency to […]

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Jibreel (AS) and Muhammad (PBUH)

Jibreel (AS) and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Have you ever wondered how Jibreel (AS) looks? How was his physical appearance? What was his relationship with our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ? Read this article to find out. >> Understand the Quran in as little as 10 minutes/day. Click here to learn more   How does Jibreel (AS) look? The Prophet ﷺ says he […]

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success in islam

What Is Success in Islam and How to Attain It

Every one of us is struggling and tirelessly striving towards one common goal – SUCCESS. Whether it is your business, household affairs, your relationship with others, career goals, Quran goals, or academics, each one of us wants to achieve the best and taste the sweetness of success. After all, a successful life automatically translates into […]

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A Simple Jannah To-Do List for Every Muslim

If I asked you what you want most as a Muslim, you will probably list all the good things of this life, or go straight to say Jannah. It is everyone’s dream. It is the reason we hold on strongly to our faith, and the reason we wake up every day striving to be better […]

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A Muslim’s Guide to Breaking Free of Pornography

A Muslim’s Guide to Breaking Free of Pornography

Porn – the silent sin. The habit that has consumed your soul but you can’t seem to find your way out of it. The reality is that many Muslims, males and females, watch porn. Even when they know that it is a sin, even when they strive to fulfil all their obligations as Muslims. Somehow […]

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