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Anger Management Islamic Perspective

Anger Management: An Islamic Perspective

The human mind is a dynamic labyrinthine of emotions, continually at flow. When Allah ta’ala created humans, He instilled in us the extraordinary ability to feel. As well as this, He has gifted us the necessary tools to properly articulate these feelings in order to achieve favorable outcomes. Along with feelings of love and compassion, […]

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Psychological Wisdom Holy Quran

Psychological Wisdom in the Holy Quran: Part 1

The Holy Quran contains psychological wisdom that promotes our mental health. The Holy Quran encourages us to be optimistic, purposeful, rational, responsible, realistic, patient and compassionate. Part 1 of this article explores the Quran’s psychological wisdom related to optimism, purpose, and rational thinking. Verses That Encourage an Optimistic Attitude The Holy Quran encourages us to […]

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