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Al Asr

Al Asr- Your Greatest Treasure

“I have no time!” “How do people accomplish so much in 24 hours?” Have you ever wondered or uttered such sentences? As humans, we have a natural tendency to value money, relationships, wealth and other worldly goods, but there is one asset which the rich and poor, the young and old, the healthy and sick […]

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Quran Children Stories

Getting Your Children Interested in Quran through Stories

The unadulterated speech of Allah, the actual word of God, the truth embodied in a Book known as the Quran is what our Master has revealed as His final revelation to the world. In many Muslim houses, the Quran gathers dust and is simply seen as a wonderful piece of art that lets others know […]

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Allah Al Hayy

Where is Allah al-Hayy?

It was a heavy monsoon season. Rain beat against the drawing room windows as Ibtisam sat with her cousin Silvy, sipping green tea, with her tabby cat purring on her lap. They were having a general conversation about marriages, about how difficult it was, how the selfishness in one spouse could make life hell for […]

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Who Are The People of Alhamdulillah?

Alhamdulilah – “Praises and thanks be to only Allah” is a phrase that all Muslims of all ages are familiar with. It is our way of showing gratitude to Allah (ta’ala). Some of us respond with this phrase when someone thanks us, to show that all thanks indeed belong to our Creator and not us. […]

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Make Tawbah

How to Make Tawbah and Keep Away from Sins

Tawba means repentance. It means turning back to Allah (ta’ala) in recognition of our sins, and to seek forgiveness for them. Sometimes, we may mix tawbah and istighfar (which is seeking forgiveness), but to be clear, seeking forgiveness is one of the parts of an accepted tawbah. As humans, we are prone to committing sins. […]

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Good Deeds for Book Of Deeds

5 Good Deeds to Fill Your Book of Deeds With

Not everyone enjoys writing, and not many people will ever think of writing a book in their lifetime. Because it is a laborious task that requires effort, dedication and above all, passion. But there is a book that we are all going to write, every single one of us. And that is our Book of […]

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