SECTION A: General

Who is Quran Companion for?
What happens after my 14-day trial ends?
What payment methods do you accept?
What happens if I delete the app. Do I lose the app and do I have to repay again?
Can I access the app on my iOS and Android devices, or on multiple devices of the same platform?

SECTION B: How to Use Quran Companion

What can I see on my Dashboard w/ Progress Analytics?
How do I use Guided Lessons?
How do you go from a manual lesson to a guided one and vice versa?
How do I review what I’ve memorized when I’m in Guided Lesson?
How do I use Group Challenges
How do I use Personal Challenges?
How do I use the Swipe to Reveal Game?
How do I access translation?
How can I download the Audio of a Reciter?

SECTION C: About Hasanah & Hasanah Features

What is Hasanah?
How is my Hasanah calculated with the Hasanah Calculator?
How does the Daily Hasanah Leaderboard work?
How do I hide my Hasanah/Ayah Progress in the Dashboard and from public view?

SECTION D: On Learning & Memorizing

What are some Dua to help me memorize the Quran?
Can I really memorize Quran? Aren’t I too old?
Can this app replace a Quran teacher?
I already have a Quran teacher. Can I still benefit from this app?
What are some virtues of Quran memorization?

SECTION E: Etiquette of Usage

Do I need to be in state of wudu’ to use this app?
Can a woman use this app during her menstruation cycle?

SECTION F: Support

How do I contact you if I have any questions?
How do I manage my subscription for Quran Academy Community Newsletter?

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