Surah Layl is the 92nd Surah in the Quran and begins with a number of oaths. Allah talks about the people of Taqwa, and what they do to please Him. He (SWT) also talks about specific characteristics of people who fall into Hellfire. So who are those special people who will be saved from Hell? What do they do?

How can we emulate them? Read this article to find out about all this and more

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#1 Know where you are heading

Each one of us is on a journey, either towards Jannah or Jahannam…either towards Akhirah or losing ourselves in Dunya. We are constantly striving…some to hoard wealth and build big mansions or enjoy fancy cars, while others are striving tirelessly to earn good deeds and perform extra acts of Ibadah. And then, there are others, who want to please Allah but find the Dunya too alluring…so they fluctuate between performing good deeds and falling into sins.

Here, Allah says in verse 4 of Surah Layl:

“Verily (the ends) you strive for are diverse.

Now pause and ask yourself, where are you heading, what are you striving towards?  You want to please Allah or are you too focused on this dunya that you have forgotten even your obligatory acts of worship? Are you focused on earning through halal means or are you okay with riba? Which direction is life pulling you towards and how are you reacting to it?

#2 Give in charity :

“As for him who gives (in charity) and keeps his duty to Allah and fears Him,” (Verse 5)

The importance of giving charity is stressed so many times in the Quran that it is in fact one of the most oft-repeated verses in the Quran. What makes this deed so special? You see, we humans always find it difficult to part with something we love… It’s not easy to part with your favorite dress… it’s not easy to give your favorite flavored ice cream to someone else, yeah?

For man, the love of money and wealth is innate. With money comes independence of a very different kind.  Therefore, it’s not surprising that a lot of people have difficulty in parting with some amount of money, no matter how small the amount is.

There is an immediate fear that perhaps giving away money in charity would lead to loss…a negative bank balance maybe. This is why Allah repeatedly says that those who give in charity have their money multiplied; that charity does not lead to negative transactions… it’s one of the most profitable transactions you can ever make.

In this Surah, Allah encourages and pushes man to give in charity and have Taqwa. So what happens when you do this? The next verse has the answer.

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#3 Looking for ease in life?

“And believes in Al-Husna.

We will make smooth for him the path of ease (goodness).” (Verses 6-7)

Husna means “good; in the reward.”

Allah says the one who does good deeds and believes in its rewards will have his path towards goodness made easy and smooth, i.e, Allah will make it easy for you to indulge in more good deeds and earn more rewards.

So what happens?

More good deeds = more rewards= closer to Jannah = away from Hellfire = more ease, peace and contentment in your life= less worries and fear!

The secret to getting yourself out of life’s miseries has been clearly outlined here: Do what Allah loves and know for sure that Allah is going to open doorways of ease, peace and happiness!

Isn’t this verse one of the best answers to all your worries?

#4 Don’t think you are self sufficient

“But as for he who withholds and considers himself free of need

and rejects the best (religion)

Then We will soon ease him to the (great) Difficulty”  (Verse 8-10)

Allah reminds us in the next few verses that people who are greedy and refuse to donate in charity, those who think they are self sufficient and don’t need Allah in their lives…these people will find it easy to fall into sins.

Allah says He will make it easy for them to commit sins because they thought they were self sufficient and refused to follow the Deen.

Therefore, Allah will make it easy for them to travel a path filled with sins and evil deeds. This wealth that he selfishly accumulated will not save him from Hellfire.

#5 Guidance comes from Allah alone

“Indeed, [incumbent] upon Us is guidance.” (Verse 12)

We are reminded about seeking guidance in Surah Fatiha too. We have to repeatedly ask Allah to keep us on the straight path because it is very easy to get swayed and distracted with the glamour of this Dunya. We go through periods of low Iman levels, and sometimes can go completely off track and away from the Quran, Sunnah and the right path. Here, Allah reminds us to seek His guidance because He alone can guide us.

#6 Give for the sake of Allah

Whenever we give charity, we automatically feel a sense of superiority and think we are fixing someone else’s life. But in reality, with every penny that we give, Allah is helping us earn exemplary rewards. Allah is erasing the sins we have committed and is giving us chances to get one step closer to Paradise and experience its amazing rewards. Therefore, when you give charity, expect your reward from Allah alone and don’t ever think that you are returning a favor to someone else.

Here, Allah says:

“The most pious one will be far removed from it (Hell)

Who gives his wealth away (in charity) to become purified  

And not to return a favour to anyone

But for the sake of his Lord the Most High” (Verse 18-20)

  •         Those who give in charity to purify themselves
  •         Expecting their rewards to come from Allah
  •         And not as a favor done to someone else

Will bask in Paradise and will be removed far away from Hellfire.

This Surah teaches us the most important intention we need to keep in our hearts while giving charity, i.e., give for the sake of Allah.  As long as you remain within the limits of this Deen, Allah will make it easy for you to indulge in more good deeds, easing your path to Paradise and saving you from Hellfire.

You don’t have to indulge in extraordinary acts of worship to please Allah. Do simple deeds with sincere intentions and you’ll see how Allah pours peace and happiness into your life, Insha’Allah>

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