Have you ever had those days where time raced by and you couldn’t point to one productive thing that you achieved? Those days when you find yourself waking up, going to school/work and coming back like a zombie?

Many of us complain that 24 hours doesn’t seem to be enough for our tasks in a day. We juggle our duties more out of a need to keep pushing, without anything to show for it. When this is happening to you, it may not be because you have a lot of work to do, it may simply mean that there is no barakah in your time.

When Allah (ta’ala) gives us a gift of His, the gift is meant to make our life better. Everything He has given us, from good health to clothes, jobs, houses, etc., are supposed to make our lives easier. They are supposed to serve specific benefits in our lives.

Time is also a gift from Allah (ta’ala), and like all of His gifts, it is important that we are aware of how we are using the gift so that it will benefit us.

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How Do You Know That There is No Barakah in Your Time?

Few examples:

  • You find it difficult to wake for Fajr
  • You are unable to finish your tasks on a daily basis (without explanation)
  • You spend more time on things that do not benefit you

Achieving Barakah in Your Time

Every minute that we spend on earth will be accounted for, and as conscious Muslims, we have to be meticulous in how we spend our time. If you feel like you can be more productive with your time and spend it in a way that is beneficial; here are some tips to help.

Recite Quran in the Morning

This is one tip that consistently works for many people. One of the best ways to ‘invite’ barakah into your time is to start your day with the Quran.

During the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and after, many of the Companions recited the Quran in the early hours of the morning. Such that the hours after the fajr salah were known as the hours of the reciters.

When you start your day by connecting with the Quran, you have already started by seeking the Blessings of Allah (ta’ala). So, it will be no wonder when you are full of energy throughout the rest of your day.

Another reason for starting your day with the Quran is that the act of reading/reciting the Quran is one of the most productive ways that anyone could spend their time. So, if you have already started your day with such a productive act, it becomes easier for the rest of your day to be filled with productive activities.

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Plan Your Day Around the Salah

The normal and more popular thing for many people is to plan their day around their schedule. You plan your day around your work hours, school classes and other tasks, such that these activities are like the milestones for your day.

Planning your day around the five daily Salah brings a different type of clarity to your day. On a typical day, I would split my day into things that need to be achieved before each Salah. So, for example, you may plan to deal with some work duties and have them done by Zuhr or reply to your emails and send some by Asr. If you are a student, you may plan to spend some hours in the library between Asr and Maghrib Salahs.

This type of planning gives you at least five blocks of time to work with. And because you have tied your tasks to times of Salah, you are also more conscious when the times of Salah approach and you are more likely to pray on time.

Planning your day around your Salah will work for anyone; busy office workers, students, stay-at-home parents. As long as Salah is constant in your life, it is a pillar that you can use to structure your days more productively.

Stay Away from Haram Activities

One of the greatest injustices that we humans commit against ourselves is using the blessings of Allah (ta’ala) to disobey Him. We complain that there is no barakah in our day, but have we stopped to examine the things that we do during the day, to be sure that they are things that are pleasing to Allah (ta’ala)?

If your time is spent every day on something that is haram, there is no benefit, so obviously, the barakah of Allah (ta’ala) can’t be in such a day. Someone who spends their days gambling will find themselves always at the casino until they are unable to do anything productive with their lives.

When we seek the barakah in our day, we should also strive to make sure that what we do during our days are things that are halal and worthy of receiving the blessings of Allah (ta’ala). Like people say, saying “bismillah” before eating pork doesn’t make the pork halal. So, if you want barakah in your day, fill your day with actions that are acceptable in the sight of your Lord.

Improve Your Productivity

When we ask Allah (ta’ala) to bless our day, there is an unspoken commitment to actually putting in the effort to have a productive day. You can’t ask Allah (ta’ala) to put barakah in your time and spend that time on the couch watching TV when you could be working on your business, reading your books, or meeting work targets. When we seek blessings in our day, we should be ready to make the effort to be productive.

Make to-do lists if you must, or use the Pomodoro technique to focus on each task. There is no right or wrong way, but what is most important is that we are making personal efforts to work on our tasks every day.

A day that is blessed is a day that we by ourselves are already engaged in things that are productive. It is a day that you woke up determined to make the best use of your time so that you can achieve more with the help of Allah (ta’ala).

A Muslim should always seek barakah in everything they do, and more especially, in how they spend their day. Because what we do with our time, day in and day out will build up to become the actions that we will be called to account for in the hereafter.

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