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wipe your sins

7 Daily Actions that Wipe Your Minor Sins

How do you feel after committing a sin? Do you shrug it off, or your heart becomes uneasy and you start to wonder how you can wipe your sins in the sight of Allah (swt)? We all commit sins, but as stated in the Hadith, the best of sinners are those who repent. And our […]

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patience and perseverance

Patience and Perseverance: Beautiful Traits of a Believer

“Do men think they will get away by saying: “We believe,” and will not be tried?” (Qur’an 29:3) Sometimes, it is hard to come to terms with the idea that we will be tried. So, when we are faced with any form of hardship in our lives, work, marriage, school, etc., patience becomes difficult and […]

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how to memorize quran

How to Memorize Quran

It was summer time when Ahmed and Zaki planned to dive inside the ocean for fun. Ahmed started searching for precious shells which he promised to gift his sister Ayesha. “Hey Zaki, look at this!” Ahmed’s voice elated in excitement. Zaki threw an uninteresting glance at the radiant pearl and stated, “Throw it Ahmed, it’s […]

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duas for forgiveness

Duas for Forgiveness from the Quran and Sunnah

One of the most important acts of worship in Islam is asking for Allah’s forgiveness. In our daily lives, we commit countless sins by omitting to do what is obligatory upon us, by committing sins, or harming others. Sometimes we do it knowingly, while many times we do it unconsciously. >>> Form a meaningful relationship […]

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islamic quotes

Some Quotes from Islamic History

When we were at school, we were taught the history of the different ages of the Mughal Empire, Captain Cook, Columbus and so on. But most children, even in Islamic countries, are taught little, if anything, of the history of the great men and women in Islam. From the time of Adam (as) to the […]

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learning arabic

Different Approaches to Learning Arabic

Okay, so you have been trying to learn Arabic for the last few years. But when you look at your progress, it’s just discouraging. I’ve seen a lot of people, including myself, go through this. After years of learning, you still haven’t set your teeth on it. Why? Does it mean you’ve got less IQ […]

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