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surah al kahf

Four Lessons from Surah al-Kahf’s First Story

Surah al-Kahf contains four amazing stories with very deep and varied lessons. The first of them is the story of the Companions of the Cave. Fugitives from the law because of abandoning their country’s official religion of polytheism, they flee and hide in a cave, where Allah (swt) causes them to fall asleep and remain […]

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exemplary muslims

Some Quotes from Exemplary Muslims

One of the most emphasized subject in the Quran is that of thinking and reflection. Allah (swt) tells us again and again to reflect on His signs, to ponder deeply. Those exemplary Muslims who do exactly that and come up with gems of wisdom are few. Here are some quotes from some of them. >> […]

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surah maryam part 6

[Surah Maryam – Part 6] A Walk with Maryam (Alayha Salam)

As we turn another page of Surah Maryam, verses 16-36 allow us a glimpse of the life and character of an exceptional women; Maryam (alayha salam). She is of the four women who were exclusively praised by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Sufficient for you among the women of mankind are Maryam bint […]

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what does kareem mean

What Does Kareem Mean?

1. General Meaning The word “kareem” means, according to Lisan al-Arab, means: When it is applied to people, it is a comprehensive noun encompassing all that deserves praise. It encompasses all types of goodness, honourableness, and virtuous qualities. When it applies to Allah (swt), it means plentiful of goodness, generosity in giving gifts which never […]

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