Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Allah SWT spoke to you?

No seriously!

Just imagine a one-on-one conversation with the Lord of the world Himself!

*This* is what Musa AS experienced, and the entire conversation has been beautifully recorded in Surah Taha. Spend a few minutes reading verses 9-47 of Surah Taha and see how the conversation goes.

Now, coming back to this article, what lessons can we derive from Surah Taha? How we can implement some of the verses mentioned in this article, in our lives insha’Allah? Read on.

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#1 Whatever is taken is always replaced with something better

A couple of days ago, I heard a heartbreaking news about a relative of mine. She was just ten days away from giving birth to her baby, but heard the words which no parent wishes to hear – the baby had just died in her womb. No reasons were given for the cause of death. The doctors were left puzzled and shocked.

When we find ourselves in situations where we lose something close to our hearts, we wonder why.

Why should something like this happen to me?

Why did Allah take away something that I so deeply love?

In Surah Taha, Allah teaches us a powerful lesson. When He takes something away from you, it is only to replace it with something even more amazing. All we need to do is keep our trust in Allah and His plan, and keep doing that which pleases Him.

In ayat 37-40, Allah shows how He inspired the mother of Musa AS to place baby Musa AS in a basket and cast him in the river. At that point of time, as a mother, no amount of logic would have helped Musa’s mother understand why she’s being asked to do this. Who would cast away their child in the river, knowing the dangers that lay ahead? But she fulfilled what Allah had ordered her. And what happened next? Did Allah leave her stranded? Did He leave her grieving in pain and not take care of her?


Allah shows how the mother was given direct access to Musa AS as soon as he reached the palace of Firawn!

This way, Allah shows how He can bring things back to you, from places you could have never imagined, in ways you would have never expected, as long as you trust Him.

Therefore, do not look at your temporary loss as something permanent. Truly, when Allah takes something away from you, He will replace it with something much better. Continue doing that which pleases Him.

#2 Want to talk to Allah?

Remember how at the beginning of this article, I spoke about how awesome it would be if we got a chance to speak to Allah like how Musa AS was able to speak (as mentioned in verses 9-47 of this Surah)?

Well, we are given five chances, every single day, to talk to Allah,

  •         To have a one-on-one conversation with Him,
  •         To tell Him about our fears, worries and hopes,
  •         To tell Him about our dreams and the obstacles we face,
  •         To tell Him about how our day went and areas where we need help, support, love and encouragement.

This Salah that we have been blessed with, is our special ticket to talk to the King of the Heavens and the Earth. Sadly, most of us look at Salah as a chore that needs to be done with, and we don’t yearn for Salah.

Most of us are guilty of rushing through Salah to get to our worldly tasks, but if you looked at Salah as a means for you to talk to our beloved Rabb, you would never wish to leave the prayer mat!

Make Salah a means for you to get closer to Allah, and the more close you are to Him, the more amazing this life will turn out to be.

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#3 You are never alone

You see, the Quran is not just any other book. It is Allah’s way of talking to you. He is always there for you, to help you when needed, to comfort you in times of distress, to guide you with every step and every breath you take, and to give you more than what you ask for. He hears and sees everything as mentioned in ayat 46 of surah Taha,

In the Quran are stories to move your hearts, in it are duas to help you traverse this dunya in times of hardship and ease, in it are narrations to help you deal with the trials, no matter how difficult things seem.

When you don’t have a deep connection with the Quran, it is difficult to figure out why some people are constantly holding on to the Book of Allah. We fail to understand why some people cry when listening or reciting certain verses while we feel nothing and remain unmoved.

Here’s a secret: The more time you spend with the Quran, the more secrets you will begin to discover. Soon, this Glorious Book will be the one you turn to the most, at every single point of your life. You will find the solutions to all your worries in it. You will find words of comfort and solace when you need them most. You will find joy, happiness and an ocean of delight flooding your heart every time you read verses of paradise and its pleasures.

You don’t have to bring about huge changes in your schedule to achieve this. Just read the Quran for five minutes every day, spend another 10 minutes reading the tafseer, and you will find your relationship towards the Quran change into something extraordinary.

Over to you, what lessons can you derive from this beautiful surah? Share with us in the comments section below. 🙂

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