MPowered Summit is the world’s first summit for entrepreneurs and startups within the Islamic Economy.

Their vision is to create the world’s largest summit empowering and gathering young entrepreneurs globally. They aim to connect thriving regional start-up hubs from across the world globally interested in developing the Islamic economy and the startup ecology within.

MPowered Summit is a platform that unleashes potential and creates opportunities by showcasing the new image of the Islamic economy — a brand of innovative, creative and entrepreneurial community shaping the world we live in and empowering Dubai as the centre of Islamic economy.

MPowered Summit, October 9 – 10 2016

Quran Academy had the honour of being invited to present at MPowered Summit 2016 and be amongst some of the most innovative and creative Muslims entrepreneurs.

Watch the video below to see Bilal Memon, the founder and CEO of Quran Academy, deliver an inspiring presentation on this global stage.


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