One of the biggest challenges we face when it comes to understanding and embracing the true wonders of Ramadan – is maintaining the consistency, productivity and enhancement of our religious, personal and social lives before, during and after the blessed month. 

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As Muslims, we know that the holy month of Ramadan is the most revered month in the Islamic calendar; it is a time when Muslims from around the world submit themselves by mind, body, soul and heart to the one true Creator through all-encompassing acts of worship, supplication, fasting, charity, sacrifice and so much more!

Yet, many of us – in various ways and forms – miss out on the Glorious Month and its immense blessings & rewards. While a majority of us don’t do so intentionally, however our lack of knowledge, preparation, planning and scope of intention puts us in a difficult position that we can’t recover from – both during and after Ramadan.

Learning, perfecting and implementing the beauty of Ramadan within our Deen through the power of spiritual and personal self-development – is a great blessing unto its own.

Ramadan and its religious duties are a process. And just like any process, there are a certain set of rules and regulations that must be followed. In order to gain the maximum benefit from a process, every step must be fulfilled – without shortcuts or half-attempts.

One of the primary objectives of Ramadan, as stated explicitly by Allah SWT, is Taqwa or God consciousness.

Taqwa is the backbone of Ramadan and one of the biggest roadblocks people struggle with during the holy month. How do we attain Taqwa, aside from the obvious actions such as praying, reading the Quran, attending the mosque for Tarawih and all other Salahs, doing dhikr, etc?

It’s through the right mind-set, intention and sense of purpose. These vital elements can be accomplished by:

  • Realistically transitioning into the month of Ramadan in an optimized emotional, mental and physical state of being.
  • Understanding of pragmatic techniques and guidelines to make each Ramadan the best Ramadan of our lives – every single year.
  • Attaining increased motivation, energy, efficiency, and spirituality to last during and beyond Ramadan.
  • Balancing key areas of everyday personal and spiritual obligations in Ramadan
  • Feeling doubt-free confidence that comes with preparing and journeying through Ramadan – through actionable steps.
  • Developing vital Ramadan-focused habits, tasks, self-accountability routines and important checklists that can easily be applied during Ramadan and afterwards in every aspect of our personal, professional and family lives.

Remember, time is the most valuable possession we have. We are all put on this planet for a short period of time by Allah SWT – with the sole purpose to worship Him. Islam gives us that way of life to worship our Creator in the best way possible, while incorporating lessons from the Quran and Sunnah across a broad spectrum of our lives.

Ramadan gives us all that opportunity every single year.

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