Memorizing the Quran is one of the noblest and most challenging tasks that any Muslim can ever undertake. You know the nights spent trying to memorize new verses and the days you spend trying to remember what you have memorized.

For every person who is memorizing the Quran, you know how valuable it is to get a tip that helps you in your memorization journey.

What better place to get these memorization tips from, than from angel Jibril (AS) and Prophet Muhammad (SAW), seeing as angel Jibril was the first person to teach the Quran and the Prophet (SAW) was the first to memorize it?

There are some gems that we can glean from the very first revelation to the last one, and we hope that these tips can help us in our journey too.

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Retreat and Ponder

The beginning of the revelation of the Quran started with Angel Jibril meeting with the Prophet (SAW) at the cave of Hira. Jibril met him in a state of solitude, which the Prophet (SAW) was very known for. For days at a time, he would retreat to the cave to ponder.

This is the first tip for everyone memorizing the Quran– to create the habit of secluding yourself sometimes, pondering the words of Allah (ta’ala) and reciting the Quran.

Why is seclusion important for us? Why can’t we recite and memorize the Quran without ‘giving up’ our regular life?

The simple answer to this is that our minds are unable to focus when we are overstimulated with distractions. Our current world is designed to distract you every minute of every day. There is always something going on that doesn’t concern you but the world makes you interested.

For the student of knowledge that wants to get closer to the words of his Lord, the best way to carve out time to dedicate to your memorization is by retreating as often as you can.

You do not have to travel anywhere, give up your studies, or neglect your family. Your retreat can be as simple as waking up an hour earlier than your household and spending that time perfecting your pronunciations, memorizing new Surahs, or simply reciting what you already know.

Consistency Helps Memorization

Angel Jibril would only bring revelation whenever Allah (ta’ala) decreed, but every time he came, he would make sure that he taught the Prophet (SAW) till he understood and memorized it.

Why didn’t the Prophet have difficulty remembering Jibril’s teachings? Well, apart from the obvious fact that he was a Prophet of Allah (ta’ala) free from mistakes, the Prophet would recite these verses even when Jibril was not there.

The Prophet (SAW) would teach these verses to his Companions and he spent his days and night in prayer, reciting the Quran.

For everyone memorizing the Quran, you know that consistency is one of your greatest assets. If you memorize a Surah this week but do not revise and revisit for the next three months, it will be difficult to remember in detail what you have memorized.

The Quran gives us back the time and effort that we put into studying it, and we can only see results when we make consistent efforts. Don’t leave the Quran, dedicate a portion of the day to connecting with your memorization.

Memorize Anywhere

It is good to establish a routine for your memorization, but that should not stop you from memorizing anywhere you have the opportunity.

Many times, Jibril (AS) would bring revelation to the Prophet (SAW) in places other than the cave, or at times when he wasn’t even alone. Once he brought revelation and the Prophet’s wife, A’ishah’, reported that she could see the Prophet covered in sweat.

Maybe you have some privacy to yourself on the commute home. Or you have time on a journey. Make good use of that time by memorizing some verses. Even if you end up memorizing a verse during your journey, that is one more verse in your memory, if Allah (ta’ala) wills.

Yearn for the Quran

Someone memorizing the words of the Quran should develop a love for the words of Allah (ta’ala). You should look forward to sitting with your mus’haf, listening on your mobile device, or attending hifdh classes.

There was a time that revelation paused and the Prophet (SAW) became worried that perhaps Allah (ta’ala) was displeased with him. Eventually, as we know, revelation resumed.

Only a person who yearns for the words of his Lord would look forward to reading or listening to it, and a person memorizing the Quran should be one of the people whose hearts yearn for the Quran.

Don’t see your memorization as a chore or go through the process just so you can be called a hafidh or hafidha. Keep yourself company with the words of the Quran so that whenever you are away from your memorization tool, your heart can’t wait to be back.

Be of Good Character

One of the things that the teachers tell you is that sins affect your memorization, and sometimes, you see this statement truly in your journey. There is a connection between our character and our success with memorizing the Quran.

The Quran stays in hearts that are obedient to their Lord, and what better way to be obedient than to be of good character?

During Ramadan, Angel Jibril (AS) would visit the Prophet (SAW) every night to read the Quran with him. It is reported that even though the Prophet (SAW) was the most generous of all men, he was even more generous on these nights. (Bukhari)

This is a lesson for us all on the journey of memorizing the Quran. Even if we already do good deeds, the more we recite the Quran, the more we should strive to perfect our character and do even more good deeds. Let the words that you have memorized reflect in who you are.

Memorizing the Quran is a lifelong journey because with memorization comes revisions and the duty of acting up the knowledge for as long we live. In this journey, we should strive to keep to ways and methods that have been proven beneficial to the people of knowledge before us, so that our paths will follow their own if Allah (ta’ala) wills.

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