Here are six questions for you which you can find answers for in the Quran. 

  • What, according to the Quran, is the purpose of our creation?

The purpose of our creation is to worship Allah (swt).

“And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” (Quran, 51:56)

  • Mention a story from the Quran which proves the reality of Resurrection.

There is more than one story which relates to proving the possibility of recreation. One of them is the story of Uzayr (as) and his donkey:

“Or [consider such an example] as the one who passed by a township which had fallen into ruin. He said, ‘How will Allah bring this to life after its death?’ So Allah caused him to die for a hundred years; then He revived him. He said, “How long have you remained?” The man said, ‘I have remained a day or part of a day.’ He said, ‘Rather, you have remained one hundred years. Look at your food and your drink; it has not changed with time. And look at your donkey; and We will make you a sign for the people. And look at the bones [of this donkey] – how We raise them and then We cover them with flesh.’ And when it became clear to him, he said, ‘I know that Allah is over all things competent.’”

  • What should be a believer’s reaction when a calamity strikes?

Allah (swt) describes the rightly-guided people as those who are patient in the face of trials:

“And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient, who, when disaster strikes them, say, ‘Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return’ [inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un]. Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is those who are the [rightly] guided.”

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  • How do we know if we are beyond hope of Allah’s mercy?

We are beyond hope of Allah’s mercy and forgiveness only when death approaches us. Till the angel of death comes to take us, or the Last Hour approaches, the door of mercy will always be open for us. All we need to do is ask.

There are many ayat in the Quran which highlight the mercy of Allah:

“Say, ‘O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.’” (39:53)

“But indeed, I am the Perpetual Forgiver of whoever repents and believes and does righteousness and then continues in guidance (till his death).” (20:82)

  • When is the time of the Day of Judgment?

“They ask you, [O Muhammad], about the Hour: when is its arrival? Say, ‘Its knowledge is only with my Lord. None will reveal its time except Him. It lays heavily upon the heavens and the earth. It will not come upon you except unexpectedly.’ They ask you as if you are familiar with it. Say, ‘Its knowledge is only with Allah, but most of the people do not know.’”

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  • Why do we face trials in life?

The trials in life come to test whether we are true believers and deserve Paradise.

“Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe” and they will not be tried? But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars.” (29:2-3)


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