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Hadith #2: Hadith of Jibreel A.S [Part III]

In the previous two parts, we learned about Islam and Imaan. In this part, we will focus on the remaining part of this hadith inshaAllah. “Then he (the man) said, “Inform me about Ihsan.” He (the Messenger of Allah) answered, “It is that you should serve Allah as though you could see Him, for though […]

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An Nawawi’s Hadith #2: Hadith of Jibreel A.S [Part II]

In part I, we learned about the lexical meaning of Islam, and roughly touched upon points on how we can submit to Allah with our hearts, limbs and tongues, so as to follow that which He has ordained, and stay away from that which He has forbidden. In part II, let’s continue learning about the […]

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An Nawawi’s Hadith #2: Hadith of Jibreel A.S [Part I]

It was narrated on the authority of Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), who said: “While we were one day sitting with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), there appeared before us a man dressed in extremely white clothes and with very black hair. No traces of journeying were visible on him, […]

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An Nawawi’s Hadith #1: All Actions Are By Intentions

We are going to look at the topic of intentions from a completely new dimension. The way you implement this hadeeth in your day-to-day life is going to be refreshingly different after you finish reading this article inshaAllah. It is narrated on the authority of Amir al-Mu’minin (Leader of the Believers), Abu Hafs ‘Umar bin […]

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Why You Need To Perform This Deed

Now, which deed am I talking about? Is it a difficult one to perform? Does it require a lot of time and effort? What are the benefits of performing this deed? >>> Do you wish you could feel and understand the beauty of the Quran as you recite it? If so, click here to learn […]

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3 Lessons To Learn From Surah Taha

3 Lessons to Learn From Surah Taha

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Allah SWT spoke to you? No seriously! Just imagine a one-on-one conversation with the Lord of the world Himself! *This* is what Musa AS experienced, and the entire conversation has been beautifully recorded in Surah Taha. Spend a few minutes reading verses 9-47 of Surah […]

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