A Muslim prays 5 times daily and for which he prepares himself by making wudu and wearing clean clothes. These might seem like an ethic or a procedure before prayer but Allah, the ever giving and most merciful has placed health benefits in wuzu. Each time a Muslim does wuzu he cleanses himself internally in terms of health as well as soul.

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“O Musa! If you face a Two Hadith summarized tell us that anyone who begins ablution (Wuzu) saying Bismillah purifies his whole body from head to toe, but anyone who does not say these words will only purify the limbs that are washed

(Sunan Das Qulni V1, P158-159, Hadith 228-229)

Benefits Of Making Wudu In Islam:

Islam has put a great deal of importance in doing Wuzu. It is as obligatory on us as is Prayer. But is Wuzu only a step of cleaning our body?


Wuzu not only cleanses our body but it also helps in purifying our soul which is important for a Muslim when he stands before Allah.

“If a person does Wuzu correctly and then looks towards the the sky and reads Kalima-e-Shahadat, all eight (8) doors of Heaven are opened for him and he may enter through whichever one of them he pleases.”

(Sahih Muslim, V1, P122)

Making wuzu properly and reciting Kalima 8 times will reward a person by opening 8 doors of heaven and imagine being said to choose whatsoever we wish to enter the paradise with. Subhan Allah.

Not just that but another hadith gives us the knowledge that dying in the state of wuzu will give the person a title of martyr.

Prophet Mohammad (peach be upon him) said to Hazrat Anas ( ), “Son! If you can spend all your time in a state of wuzu then do so, because when the Angel of death captures the soul of a person in a state of Wuzu, he is written down as a martyr”

(Kangal-Ummal, V9, Hadith 26060)

So now we see that making wuzu has many rewards in Islam. The importance Allah has placed in Wuzu is special because it is a means of attaining good health and it also has many health benefits which is being discovered by non-Muslims, scientists and researchers.

Wuzu is being used as a medical practice in hospitals.

1. Washing hands, face and feet:

  • Wudu removes all the dust and dust that has accumulated on the skin.
  • Refreshes the skin by removing fatigue.
  • Keeps skin looking younger and stops skin aging.
  • Opens skin pores.
  • Disperses sweat and fats.
  • Protects eyes by cleaning it.

2. Washing mouth:

  • Removes food particles.
  • Prevents teeth problems.
  • Gets rid of mouth odors.
  • Gives strength to the muscles of the mouth.

3. Rinsing nostrils:

  • Removes germs trapped in the hair follicles of nose.
  • Prevents the germs from entering the body.

4. Washing the ears (inside & behind):

  • Removes extra wax from the ears.
  • Prevents wax buildups.
  • Prevents  mastoiditis from arising.

5. Washing between the toes:

  • Removes all the bacteria hidden between fingers and inside nails.
  • Prevents athlete’s foot.

6. Washing the Arms:

  • Prevents mental problems.
    There are 3 major veins in elbow connected to the heart, liver and the brain.
  • Gives strength.
    Puts pressure at points of particles of light creating a flow.

7. Wiping the Head:

  • Prevents spinal cord problems.

There is a major vein between the back of head and neck which connects the spinal cord.

  • Spreads energy throughout the body.
    There are several nerves passing through that major nerve which spreads throughout the body.
  • Prevents fever and mental problems.
  • Regulates high blood pressure.

More Amazing Benefits of Wuzu:

  • Prevention of cancer.
  • Stimulates blood flow.
  • Resembles the Science Of Chinese Reflexology.
  • Provides relaxation.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Prevents blindness.

Many foreign countries’ hospitals use Wuzu as a treatment to cure patients of many ailments and believe that the number of depression cases in Muslims is low because of 5 times Wuzu.

“The best cure for depression is Wuzu,”

Verily Allah has placed his blessings in the smallest of tasks for his mankind to benefit from.

Wuzu in Islam by Sheikh Yusuf Estes:

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