One of the most important goals for any Muslim family is to build a deep connection with the Quran, and one of the best ways to do this is to learn Quran together as a family. Few things increase the love between people like the desire to grow together in the Deen.

Imagine having a family that sits together to understand the words of Allah, that connects through the stories in the Quran, or that speaks the language of the Quran to one another. All of these do not only increase your love for the Deen, it also definitely brings you closer as a family.

If you desire to carry your family along in your journey to understand the Quran, some tips below can help

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Set Goals Achievable for All

It is very important to have a vision of what you will like to achieve when you learn Quran together as a family. And this vision should help you to set goals that is suitable for everyone. Would you like for everyone to be able to speak Arabic to each other? Or you want to learn about the stories in the Quran together? Or memorize together?

Members of your family will most likely not be of the same age or gender. There could also be people who have more time to commit to their study, or adults who have different learning abilities from children. So your goals should be in line with what is beneficial for everyone.

Learn Quran with the Same Resources

For people who are already learning the Quran, one of the most popular advice is usually that you stick to a set of resources. Especially if you are trying to memorize chapters of the Quran. That means using a particular Mushaf (hard copy of a Quran), reciter, or even have a dedicated area in the house for your memorization sessions.

Similar idea can be used when learning Quran as a family. Set aside an area of the house where everyone knows is dedicated for your study of the Quran. Also, every other resources that you use, e.g. seerah, hadith collections, or even mobile apps that teach the Quran should be the same for every member of the family. This is so that everyone can have the same learning experience and be on the same page.

Create Family Knowledge and Revision Times

Set aside some part of the day for all members of the family to come together and learn more about the Quran and Arabic. Like a family study circle, this can help foster the sharing of knowledge between all members of the family.

When looking to set a time, think of early mornings or late evenings when everyone is home and  not in a rush to go somewhere. The few minutes after the morning prayer is best for memorization of the Quran or for learning Arabic, while the late evening after the night prayers is good for a family time of learning more about the Quran.

Each family will design these learning periods to suit their own lifestyle, but the most important thing is that you make this an established habit that everyone in the family gets used to.

If members of your family are not all in the same house, perhaps with kids in college, you can still learn Quran together as a family. Organize your family revision times around video calls, use chat applications like WhatsApp to discuss Quranic lessons within the family, or to keep up with everyone’s progress and provide encouragement.

There are also online classes and mobile applications that students of the Quran can enroll in together as a family. So you can all track your progress even if you are miles apart.

Provide Encouragement for All

Children and adults alike need motivation on their journey towards learning the Quran. This is of the reasons why it is so good to learn as a family. It is like everyone is figuratively holding each other’s hands along a journey, sharing the struggles and triumphs.

You can design something as a form of reward for members of your family whenever they’ve reached a milestone in their learning. This could be in the form of gifts, a special time out of the house, etc. this is especially good to encourage kids to continue to learn.

Encourage healthy competition

Competitions help us to improve on and test our knowledge in certain areas, and you can use this to motivate your family to learn independently outside of the family study times. A good idea is to give each person age appropriate tasks that will be shared at the family study time. For example, kids can pick a story in the Quran that the family has previously talked about. Then they write what lessons that this story has taught them, or draw fun illustrations about it.

For adults, give them the task of learning about a Prophet for example, and have them talk about it at one of your family revision times. This motivates everyone to want to participate and ultimately, it improves their knowledge of the Quran and their intellect.

Learning the Quran as a family is one of the best bonding activities that a family can engage in. It is an act that not only improves your relationship in this life, but also bonds you towards an everlasting reward in the hereafter.

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