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the illusion of safety

The Illusion of Safety

Do you know that moment when everything you have believed in scatters around you and simply ceases to exist? And you realize for the first time how alone you really are even in a crowd of thousands of people. How vulnerable and — at the risk of disgusting some by sounding “weak” – *weak*? You […]

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Surah Ikhlas

Importance of Surah Ikhlas

The last juz of the Quran consists of one of the exemplary Surahs which, although is amongst the shortest ones, has the most profound implications. Surah Ikhlas is a Meccan Surah and is one of the earliest revelations of the Quran. It was revealed on the occasion where the pagans and polytheists questioned the Prophet […]

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For the Sake of Allah

For the Sake of Allah

“I love you for the sake of Allah” is a compliment we sometimes pay to our brothers and sisters in Islam. We might not even realize what a tremendous statement we’re making, if we mean it from the heart. You love someone because of their nearness to Allah and your mutual roles as slaves of […]

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Prophet Ayub (AS) – What You Need To Know

Today, let us look at the life of an incredible Prophet, a prophet who “had it ALL” but started losing things one after the other. How did he manage the difficulties that were piling up on his life? How was his faith- imaan high or low? You see, when we are tested, there are a […]

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Jannatul Firdous

6 Promises of Jannatul Firdous in the Sunnah

Every Muslim looks forward to something the most, and that is attaining Jannatul Firdous. Everything we are currently doing is in the hope of earning the pleasure of Allah (ta’ala) and becoming part of the inhabitants of paradise. There are many ways to earn Jannah, far many than we probably are aware of as humans. […]

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quran memorization tips

5 Memorization Tips from Angel Jibril and Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Memorizing the Quran is one of the noblest and most challenging tasks that any Muslim can ever undertake. You know the nights spent trying to memorize new verses and the days you spend trying to remember what you have memorized. For every person who is memorizing the Quran, you know how valuable it is to […]

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