Quran Academy is proud to present our latest course with Arabic Teacher, Nihal Khan. Called, Keys to the Message: 10 keys to begin understanding the Quran in Arabic.

This premium course is specifically designed to help you:

  • Begin to understand the Quran in Arabic, and over time you don’t always have to fully rely on translations to understand what you’re reciting;
  • Stay more focused in your salaah because you understand each word you recite instead of remembering just a vague translation (or not knowing the meaning at all);
  • Understand what the imam is reciting when you’re in congregational prayer and stay connected in prayer instead of your mind drifting away as you wait for the takbir;
  • Find it easier to memorize more surahs from the Quran because you have expanded your Quranic vocabulary and have become familiar with the structure of the Arabic language;
  • Feel a deeper, stronger connection when you make dua from the Quran and hadiths because you have deeper understanding of the words you’ve memorized?

What will I learn in “Keys to the Message” course?

In this LIVE course, you’ll:

  1. Learn approximately 400 essential words
    We know the Quran is repetitive in nature. By learning these essential words, you’ll have a good foundation to begin understanding the Quran in Arabic as you recite.
  2. Learn the 10 grammatical keys of Arabic to understand the Quran
    In addition to building vocabulary, you’ll also get a shortcut to understanding the constructs of a sentence in Arabic to help give you a correct understanding of the sentence and not just a rough translation.
  3. Have a shortcut to begin to understand the Quran on your own in Arabic
    This course doesn’t focus on instant language mastery, that’s why it won’t spend weeks going through basic foundational words of conversational Arabic. It instead dives straight into the vocabulary and constructs of Quranic Arabic so you can begin understanding the Quran in Arabic as fast as possible.
  4. Begin to understand basic hadiths on your own in Arabic
    Once you grasp the essentials of understanding Quranic Arabic, you won’t just begin to understand the Quran. You’ll also be able to apply your new skills to understand basic hadiths in Arabic too!
  5. Have the foundation to go further
    This course is designed to show you how by just mastering 10 keys, you can begin to understand more that you ever imagined was possible. You’ll thus have the fastest foundation to take your Arabic studies further if you wish.
  6. Increase your love for the Quran
    The Quran is not just our guide in this life; it be will be our companion and protector in the grave. This is a very precious relationship. No relationship can exist without understanding and love. The deeper our understanding, the deeper we ingrain our love for the Quran to forge a strong relationship with the Quran.
  7. Unlock the door to deeper spirituality
    Arabic is such a beautiful language with many nuances lost in translation. There is a limit to how much you can understand the Quran through just its translation. By learning to understand the Quran in Arabic, you’ll open new paths of understanding that deepen your connection with Allah SWT.

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Here’s how some students have benefited from learning Quranic Arabic:

This course will be taught by Quran Academy’s guest teacher, Nihal Khan. Nihal used to find it hard to learn Arabic, often struggling to understand the way Arabic was conventionally taught. After earning a diploma in Arabic from Bayyinah Institute’s Dream Program, Nihal discovered a way of learning Arabic that helped him understand the Quran easily.

Based on a number of techniques that helped him learn Arabic, Nihal has applied his learning journey to help others learn Arabic. For the past 5 years, he has successfully taught over 300 students learn Quranic Arabic by distilling concepts that he used to find difficult into basic building blocks that can be easily grasped.

Here’s how some of Nihal’s students have benefited from his teachings
Today, with Quran Academy, Nihal shares his distilled system to help you master the essential building blocks so you too can begin understanding the Quran in Arabic.

Find out how you can join Nihal’s online class and Begin understanding the Quran in Arabic by mastering just 10 keys.

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